1. SchmitzIT

    Sticky first post on every page

    Not sure how much work this would be, but on vB4 I installed a modification that will repeat the opening post of a thread on every consecutive page. It seems odd at first, but the idea behind it is that it will easily allow for people to not loose track of what the conversation they are replying...
  2. A

    Lack of interest Change where thread is posted on Create Thread screen

    You click "Post New Thread" and you write something but you realize it was in the wrong section of the forum. Instead of copying the text and clicking through to the right forum you would just click on a scroll-down menu and choose the right forum.
  3. The Sandman

    [Suggestion] Vote to Close Thread

    It might be nice to have an option whereby the members of the community could shut down an objectionable thread by voting it closed. This could be allowed on a per forum basis (rather than a global setting for all forums) with an admin defined number of votes needed to close the thread. I...
  4. Stuart Wright

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Showing all threads in a forum and its subforums - Digest Button

    Managing your forums is something that needs constant attention. If everything goes well, your forum will grow and you will get more and more threads in each forum every day. This becomes a problem, however, when there are so many threads that new ones are bumped off the first page in just a few...
  5. Enigma

    [Suggestion] Allow marking a thread as "read" from the "What's New" search results page

    I constantly return to the "What's New" page to read the forums. It would be nice if I could mark certain threads that I don't care about as "read" right from there without opening the thread and then returning to "What's New". It'd be analogous to the "Hide" button beside items in "Your News...
  6. Luke F

    [Suggestion] Better functionality when clicking your Mini-Me

    As it stands, clicking a Mini-Me opens your own member card, which is completely pointless. I recently found myself looking at a thread and wanting to see my post in it, and one of the things I tried was clicking the Mini-Me. It would be great if doing that actually took you to your first post...