Auto move locked threads.


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To go hand in hand with my other suggestion.

I run a large classifieds on one of my forums, once a deal is done the thread is locked and moved to a graveyard to stop any confusion as to what are still acitve deals, and to log any agreements that have taken place.

I also know other site owners who run whole site "graveyards" for locked threads.

Would it be possible to have an option, which we can define on a per forum basis to move these threads automatically on locking them. Only basic, under each forum something like.

Auto move locked threads? Yes No
Locked thread forum target: Dropdown of current forums to select the graveyard
Optional move locked threads after X days:

The when a mod or admin locks a thread, it just has a tickbox or so to override the auto move if they want to lock a thrad for an informaitonal post.




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Good idea. Whenever you can cut down page refreshes and clicks and time....I'm all for it :)