Similar threads: add weight to title matches

Mr. Jinx

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I would like to see an option for similar threads to add more weight to topic titles.
Currently, the suggested threads do not always seem to match very well, resulting in completely different topic suggestions.

With this extra control, I'm hoping to finetune the results some more and give priority to topics that have a similar title.
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I would like to see the option as above, ie more weight to titles, but also an option for only titles (with/without prefix)

I have been doing some comparisons with AndyB addon, and his is coming out the winner at the moment, and I think that is due to titles.

What works may vary from forum to forum of course, so the option for different methods is ideal.
Weighting thread titles would help. And I agree with Mike--I've occasionally searched for topics I know I had seen in the past, and had to change to a title search in order to locate them.
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