1. nocte

    SEO: Should we remove the board title at the end of the "title" meta tag?

    This is from the PAGE_CONTAINER template: <title><xf:title formatter="%s | %s" fallback="{$xf.options.boardTitle}" page="{$pageNumber}" /></title> As a result the board title (as defined in the admin options) is displayed at the end of the meta-title, so e.g. This is a thread title |...
  2. Nicolas FR

    Only Full Title MG Index

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: Only Full Title MG Index - Shows only the full title on the thumbnails of the Media index page (XFMG) Read more about this resource...
  3. Nicolas FR

    Unmaintained Only Full Title MG Index 2023-04-19

    A simple add-on that allows you to display only the full title of the media when passing the mouse over the thumbnails in Gallery/Category index. This removes the author name, date, number of likes and views. Short title, Before/After Long title, Before/After Mobile view :
  4. K

    Fixed Titles on bookmark links are broken

    Bookmark links are not showing the correct title text on page load or when adding/deleting. Only a few simple changes are needed to make this work. 1) In the bookmark_macros template, replace the regex #phrase\('bookmark'\)(?:\|for_attr)?# with ($content.isBookmarked() ? $editText|for_attr ...
  5. jca

    XF 2.2 Add Forum Category Name to Page Title?

    I'm trying to add the Forum (Node) Name to the <title> tag of a page when viewing a thread in a Xenforo forum. For example, if you are looking at a thread called "Spider-Man No Way Home" in the forum called Movie Discussion, the title of the page would be: "Spider-Man No Way Home Movie...
  6. danger@

    Fixed Rss feed parser produces errors on items without the title tag

    Hello, it appears the XF feed parser has issues with entries that do not include title tags: https://validator.w3.org/feed/docs/rss2.html#hrelementsOfLtitemgt documents that either title or description must be present. The problematic entries have description though. Here is the error that is...
  7. ritesh

    XF 2.2 How to remove site's name from meta title?

    Hello, how do I remove the site's name from meta titles? It breaks the titles in search results sometimes due to added characters. This part:
  8. XDinc

    Unmaintained [XTR] Thread Title Control System 1.0.3

    Watch your title length If your title is too long, search engines may cut it off by adding an ellipsis ("...") and could end up omitting important words. While we generally recommend keeping your titles under 60 characters long, the exact limit is a bit more complicated and is based on a...
  9. claudiucjc

    XF 2.2 Category or prefix next to the forum title

    Hello, I'm trying to add the category next to the forum title like in the screenshot. It is possible something like that? It doesn't matter the position of that text, probably will be at the beggining of the forum title (h1). I would like to do that because I will have few forum with the same...
  10. Mr. Jinx

    Similar threads: add weight to title matches

    I would like to see an option for similar threads to add more weight to topic titles. Currently, the suggested threads do not always seem to match very well, resulting in completely different topic suggestions. With this extra control, I'm hoping to finetune the results some more and give...
  11. stan1226

    Unmaintained XFMG Order By Title 1.0

    This addon adds the function to order XFMG by title to album and media views. The order by title is integrated into the basic order function, works with ascending and descending ordering and supports every installed XFMG language (the XFMG phrase 'title' has to be translated). The addon...
  12. D

    XF 2.1 How call main forum title appear on subforum title ?

    I have a main category with forums by countries, then each country has the same subforum titles, how call the main forum titles on subforum ? This means,. France - Politic , must be France Politic France Usa - Politic, must be France Politic Usa best regards
  13. wedge1001

    Unmaintained [CZ] Title Length Modifier 2020-01-13

    Description: Allows to modify the title of specific values. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial- NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please note: The license of this add-on does not entitle you to use this add-on on a commercially active XenForo...
  14. A

    XF 2.1 How to change order of month and year in Pikaday title

    It'd be great if the ordering of the year and month values in the title of Pikaday followed the locale settings. I need the year to precede the month like so: instead of the default: I don't see an HTML template in ACP (XF2) allowing me to achieve this. Do you know of a way to re-order month...
  15. CMTV

    Lack of interest Whole numbers in "title" attribute

    I think it would be nice to see whole numbers in title attribute:
  16. CMTV

    XF 2.1 Old title returned without page reload

    My entity class has a MasterTitle relation and title getter: public function getTitle() { $definition = $this->Definition; $paramPhrase = \XF::phrase($this->getPhraseName()); return $paramPhrase->render('html', ['nameOnInvalid' => false]) ?: ($definition ? $definition->title : ''); }...
  17. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to set Page Title?

    How to set page title in XF? The page title here i mean is home page which also results in Google Search. For e.g. XenForo has implemented thisXenForo - Compelling Community Forum Software How to achieve this? I'm using XF 2.0.x
  18. BassMan

    [cXF] Spoiler Title 1.0.0

    Description: Replace spoiler phrase and change behaviour. if no spoiler title is entered the phrase See more will show instead of Spoiler if spoiler title is entered the phrase Spoiler is removed in front of it
  19. Oblivion Knight

    Fixed User titles still showing despite clearing user title ladder

    My understanding is that by clearing the user title ladder, user titles should no longer be displayed? However, I have done this and the existing user titles are still being displayed for all users. I'm having to add this to extra.less to remove them from view completely.. .userTitle {...
  20. Z61

    Unmaintained Minimum thread title length 2.0.1

    Features Require a minimum amount of characters for thread titles on a per-forum basis. Allow certain users/user groups to bypass the requirement with a permission on a per-forum basis. Screenshots Node permission page: Forum edit page: Thread saving without permission:
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