1. Kintaro

    Duplicate Remember this post later - Bookmark enhancement

    I like the possibility to postpone/set alerts/notifications in email (example postpone Gmail feature) or community posts like with Reddit's RemindMeBot and Discourse bookmark reminder. I would like that once I click to bookmark a post the menu prompt me asking when I would like to be...
  2. K

    Fixed Titles on bookmark links are broken

    Bookmark links are not showing the correct title text on page load or when adding/deleting. Only a few simple changes are needed to make this work. 1) In the bookmark_macros template, replace the regex #phrase\('bookmark'\)(?:\|for_attr)?# with ($content.isBookmarked() ? $editText|for_attr ...
  3. V

    Bookmark Reminders 1.0.7

    This add-on allows your users to receive reminders of content they bookmark with alerts, push and email notifications. Purpose It is common for users to take a glimpse at content and know they will be unable to read it fully or respond to it at the point of initial viewing. There could be many...
  4. V

    Bookmark Reminders [Paid]

    Valhalla submitted a new resource: Bookmark Reminders - Allow your users to receive reminders of content they bookmark with alerts and push notifications. Read more about this resource...
  5. RobinHood

    Unmaintained Move Bookmarks Menu - Add Bookmarks Icon to user nav menu and remove tab 1.0

    This is a small add on that will give the admin various additional options to control the location of the bookmarks menu in the nav bar. You can remove the tab version completely, you can add a link where all the other user account links are, and you can add it to the main user area of the nav...
  6. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 How can I add "my Bookmarks" and "I prevously commented on this thread" widgets to the sidebar?

    Hi Guys! How can I add these or other widgets to Xenforo? Thanks !!!
  7. AndrewSimm

    [Andrew] Bookmark Users 1.0.2

    [Andrew] Bookmark Users allows users to use the Xenforo bookmarking system to bookmark users. All features, such as messages and labels are available when bookmarking users. Why would I want to bookmark users as opposed to just following them? Bookmarks are different from follows in that with...
  8. X

    Bookmark Essentials 3.2.1

    About: Adds quality-of-life features to XF2.1+'s bookmarks system Features (XF2.1+): Share bookmarks Per-content type permissions for using bookmarks (Supports; Posts/Profile posts/XFMG/XFRM) Bookmark statistics Recent bookmark counter XF stats integration Search bookmarks by multiple...
  9. N

    Lack of interest Bookmark saved successfully + Edit Bookmark Overlay

    As soon as I click the bookmark button, it triggers a message at the top "Bookmark saved successfully" and at the same time, it also opens "Edit Bookmark" overlay and clicking Save or Delete button again triggers a message "Bookmark saved successfully" at the top of the screen. :unsure: I...
  10. BassMan

    [cXF] Bookmark Post Bottom 1.0.1

    Description: Add bookmark link to post bottom with some extra options. Features: show phrase only show phrase and icon show icon only hide bookmark link to menu when on mobile view Screens: ... or show bookmark link with icon: ... or only icon: ... show it on mobile: ... or hide...
  11. Kintaro

    Lack of interest pinned posts or bookmarks in thread view

    One of the problems in the standard forums thread view is that important posts are very often buried from many other posts. I would like to have a sidebar block a link or a list of links to posts that was voted (with likes) or manually picked more prominent. Another partial solution to this...
  12. X

    Unmaintained Bookmarks 2.0.5

    About: Bookmarks is a way to conveniently display a link to content of thread and profile posts you find informative or otherwise interesting. This saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple threads or multiple pages in order to locate that single post you wanted to have a second look...
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