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I like the possibility to postpone/set alerts/notifications in email (example postpone Gmail feature) or community posts like with Reddit's RemindMeBot and Discourse bookmark reminder.

I would like that once I click to bookmark a post the menu prompt me asking when I would like to be alert/notified.

I find/see a post about a topic/subject I'm very interested but I don't need it or I can't read it now.
I know that I'm going to need this info (or simply I want to read it) later today or in 1 hour/day/week/year or in a specific date. So I choose the option and save the bookmark.

After the time or the date I specified in the bookmark option I'm going to get a mail/alert/notify about that post, so I can choose to go and read it or postpone it to another date/time.

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Original and still opened suggestion:
Whilst you are waiting, there is an add-on that already allows this :)

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