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Now that bookmarks are added to XF2.1 we can bookmark such content and then come back to it later. IF we think about it. And that is the crux. You still have to think of it at a time that you have time for it. And often there is a time sensitive aspect to posts and there is no point responding a few weeks later. To me bookmarks are only part of the solution. We need to be reminded that we have content to respond to in the same way that we are reminded that someone has quoted or tagged us.

Here is how it could work:
  1. When adding a bookmark, add a 'reminder' tickbox.
  2. If this is ticked then display setting to 'remind in X days/hours'
  3. In alert preferences add a 'bookmarks' setting so that members can set if they want to receive email & PUSH notifications for this.
  4. In bookmarks tools add a 'Reminder' option to set a new reminder (Snooze may be a better name for this function)
  5. Give the bookmark icon a bright color when a bookmark reminder is added for the post.
  6. At the set time, fire an Alert-, PUSH-, Email- Notification for it.
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If i can make another suggestion that is for number 2 'Remind in X hours' (max 23 hours) to be added so that you can set when on work x hours and get reminder. This way you can make a post or whatever bookmarked and when you get home you get a reminder later in the day. When filled in with 'remind in X days' you get the following if i do 2 for days and 22 hours i wil get the reminder in two days at 22:00 hours. If i do 2 for days and 01 i get it in 2 days at 01:00 hours do i not fill in then how Alfa1 says how it works. This way i can set when i know i am home in a few hours or in days.
I like the possibility to postpone/set alerts/notifications in email (example postpone Gmail feature) or community posts like with Reddit's RemindMeBot and Discourse bookmark reminder.

I would like that once I click to bookmark a post the menu prompt me asking when I would like to be alert/notified.

I find/see a post about a topic/subject I'm very interested but I don't need it or I can't read it now.
I know that I'm going to need this info (or simply I want to read it) later today or in 1 hour/day/week/year or in a specific date. So I choose the option and save the bookmark.

After the time or the date I specified in the bookmark option I'm going to get a mail/alert/notify about that post, so I can choose to go and read it or postpone it to another date/time.

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