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Bookmark Essentials 3.2.1

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
php 7.0+
Standard Library v1.11.1+ by Xon
Updates duration
12 months ($17.50 yearly renewal + GST for Australian Residents)
Adds quality-of-life features to XF2.1+'s bookmarks system

Features (XF2.1+):
  • Share bookmarks
  • Per-content type permissions for using bookmarks (Supports; Posts/Profile posts/XFMG/XFRM)
  • Bookmark statistics
    • Recent bookmark counter
    • XF stats integration
  • Search bookmarks by multiple labels/tags
  • Most Bookmarked widget
  • Bookmarking for profile post/profile post comments
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Latest updates

  1. 3.2.1 - php compatibility update

    Initial php 8.2 compatibility update
  2. 3.2.0 - Maintenance update

    Require XenForo 2.2+ Require StandardLib v1.11.0+ Improve support for rendering templates in the...
  3. 3.1.4 - Bugfix update

    Fix SQL query when upgrading from v3.0.x => v3.1.x

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It is very useful to let users share their bookmarks and keep track of which content is the most bookmarked.
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