Resources by Xon

Xero Invoice Sync 2.6.1 $60.00
Syncs user upgrades & DB eCommerce invoices to xero
Threadmarks Pro X
Threadmarks Pro 2.20.5 $40.00
Tag specific posts in a thread so they can be easily navigated to.
Aggregating Forums 2.8.1 $30.00
Allows viewing threads from sub-forums in the parent forum.
A number of helper utilities designed to ease add-on development
Content Ratings X
Content Ratings 2.7.6 $35.00
Enhancements to the core reaction experience
User Activity by Xon X
Displays user activity per content
User Essentials X
User Essentials 4.4.1 $35.00
Provide your members with additional username, thread, and post functions.
Post Friction X
Post Friction 2.12.0 $30.00
Slowdown some types of "spammy" posting.
Who Replied X
Who Replied 2.3.0
Show the users who replied to a specific thread
Attachment Improvements By Xon X
A collection of improvements to XF's attachment system
Trending Content Tags 2.4.0 $25.00
A trending sidebar widget using XenForo content tagging system
Svg images store in XF Templates
Search Improvements X
Various search improvements including infrastructure for additional search related addons
Redis View Counters X
Use redis for view counters rather than MySQL
Redis Flood Check X
Use redis for flood checking rather than MySQL
Track option history and last change dates
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