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Multi Prefix 2.13.4

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This add-on significantly alters XF's structure, making it incompatible with many other add-ons.

Several developers of those add-ons recommend not using it.

Nevertheless, its functionality is invaluable, and I'm at a loss on whether to keep using it or not. I had to forgo some good add-ons to use this one.

I hope the developer of this add-on can devise a solution to prevent conflicts with other add-ons so we can use them all together.
One of the must-have add-ons for XF. We've extended this add-on with automation via to do various operations and inform us about many tasks and statistics daily via email. Xon as always does a fabulous job with his add-ons. Keep up the great work.
Left my last review and was surprised by Xon quickly releasing a fix for my request! Xon is definitely a tier of his own.
It would be amazing if more than one of the Prefix Descriptions could show :) This addon is a critical part of our forum as is though and I don't understand why it isn't in the Xenforo Core! Thank you Xon.
Multiple prefix descriptions should show, and they have some additional css so they can be better styled :)
Excellent addon that does just as described. I highly recommend it to those looking to further categorize nodes. Had a small concern and Xon responded in a minute. Great addon and very nice developer.
Sometimes you need simple navigation and complex tagging to make organizing different types of posts/downloads easy; Multi-Prefix made categorizing our Resource Manager easy and clean!
Very good add-on. This allows me to order better the forums and in addition to being practical, it is very elegant.
I found this addon a few weeks back and kept it in the back of my mind until I found a situation where I needed it. Lo and behold that thread came up, and I couldn't rush to Xon's store fast enough to purchase! The addon works just as advertised and works seamlessly with existing prefixes. Highly recommended.
Awesome support, awesome addon! Thank you for releasing this great addon! My members love it! Looking forward for future updates!
I can see so much use from this! I had trouble getting it to work correctly at first. Communication from @Xon was quick and helpful. Problem was quickly diagnosed (problem was NOT with the add-on - it was on my end).

After getting it up and running, it looks and works great! A+++ rating from me.
This is a must have for any community! It allows for greater depth in posting and filtering across the board. Excellent add-on, very fairly priced, quick support and great integration. Very nice!
Making content easier for users to find is always a good thing, and that's what this addon does, in a nutshell. Rather than create more nodes, create more prefixes! I've used it to replace some of my existing nodes, and also to apply a default prefix to all threads in most of the nodes I've kept (prefixes matching node names) so that in conjunction with Xon's other great addon, Prefix Essentials, users can choose to ignore content based on prefix. (The two together also allow users to globally sort all these prefixes from the forum index page.) Although this addon would be good for most any kind of site, it's maybe especially useful for books and music and other content that involves a lot of genres or classifications or any kind of taxonomy. Highly recommended.
This addon is essential to my site, and allows me and my members to track progression of support threads.
Xon is the best there is. His Addons just work. And flawless support and around the clock turnaround. Cant say enough good things about him. Very impressed, use a bunch of his add ons. Goes over and beyond for his customers.
Having a problem, with version 2.2.0 a ticket to xon, not even 24h-48h the problem was correct, support reactive ^^
Just had some issues with translations and Xon fixed it up professionally and quick.

Highly recommend his add-ons and services.
Brilliant work from Xon. It's really useful to have multiple prefixes, that way I do not need so many subforums to confuse users.

Xon is as usual very responsive and fast in fixing possible bugs. Also always open to suggestions.

Highly recommended any of his add-ons, using some free and paid ones.

Thank you, Xon.
An excellent solution for expanding the forum's capabilities for users and administrators! Thanks! Recomend!
A great addon that helps in better organization of topics. Thanks to Multi Prefix, we don't have to create further subfhors to have cleanup in forum :)
This is still a beta version, but we get very fast efficient support, so that the newly detected bugs are instantly repaired.
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