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  1. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Restrict To Download Resources 2.0.1

    Feature Summary Minimun Messages Minimun Likes This add-on allows you to set a restrict to download resources! he restriction can be selected by category.
  2. Neutral Singh

    As designed Inconsistant default Search option in Resources...

    When i click Resources > Search, the drop-down should be point to Resources... but the default seems to be Everywhere... so I have to make another click to set it to Resources. Logically, it should point to Resources by default... would save a click everytime...
  3. anvar

    XF 1.4 how to hide resource version side bar

    Any one know how to hide resource version @ sidebar? Thanks
  4. XFA

    [XFA] RM Multiple Categories Resources 1.0.2

    Description & Features Ever wanted to go over the limitation of the Resource Manager to only display a resource in a single category ? Then this add-on is the solution, it allows selecting categories to display the resource in. Unlimited number of display categories Easy selection of the...
  5. Phoenix616

    Allow posting of updates for unapproved resources

    It would be quite handy to allow users (via a config option/permission) to post updates for their not approved/unapproved resources. That way they could make changes before it gets approved (like fixing bugs) and it opens the possibility for staff members requiring users to fix a rule violation...
  6. Petros

    Resources reviews not showing to guests

    Hi. Yesterday i found that resource reviews tab it's not showing on guests. I have seen all other sites have resource reviews in public. What i am missing? How i can show resource reviews to guests? If someone can help will be thankfull Regards
  7. Welder

    What if you have 2133 add-ons installed? Is that bad?

    There are so many good add-ons here at xenforo.com in the "Resources" that it's really tough not to install a bunch. I was just wondering if your site gets slower based on the more add-ons that you install? What about security? Is your site more susceptible to attack/ hack with the more add-ons...
  8. Sim

    Unique or interesting use of Resources (XFRM)

    Curious to see unique or interesting use of the XenForo Resources (XFRM) addon on forums - beyond the typical "addon" or "software" releases or development tutorials like we have here on xenforo.com Does anyone use it for something completely different?
  9. dondomainer

    RM 1.2 Resource and SEO

    Ok, This is what happens to me, when I create a category eg : ( Security ) and i add a subcategory ( firewall ) when you are browsing over subcategory There is no mention to the main category in URL or Title, just firewall. How i can do make resource SEO friendly ? Best Regards.
  10. indicator

    RM 1.2 How to open URLs in new tab

    Hi there, I want to open link in new tab for following URL input in add resources. Additional Information URL: Alternative Support URL: How can i make URL open in new tab. Thanks in advance!
  11. B

    limited resources download

    Hi how can i limited resources download for each user group (number of file)
  12. iorG19

    Lack of interest RM - more filters

    Is there any way in futures releases to add more filters like: For paid resources* from 0 until 4.99** from 5 until 9.99 from 10 until 29.99 more than 30.00 * filter by price ** filter by coins : search only resources sales on "$"...
  13. XFA

    [XFA] RM Featured Resources (RM sidebar block) 1.0.0

    Description RM Featured Resources adds a block to the RM sidebar that displays X featured products, in addition to the one already displayable above the resources list. Features Options : Featured Resources Count Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  14. ForestForTrees

    What does "unmaintained" mean for a resource?

    There is an addon that I'd like to use, but it is marked as unmaintained. Someone listed the Addon, Back to the Top, by MattW, as one of their favorite addons on Monday, though: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/favorite-xenforo-add-ons.110234/#post-1023340 What does "unmaintained" mean? In...
  15. MR.MB

    XF 1.5 need help for my threads on google (Route Filters)

    HI, I use Route Filters for few days after that i remove it but google get no change for back when i try to remove the filters i see that all the threads on google not come back to normal url i cant access my threads from google now if i remove the filters so anyone can help me what can i do...
  16. P

    RM 1.2 Related or Similar Resources

    Is there any way to show Related or Similar Resources on resource page?
  17. Allan

    Minimum post to download resources - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.0

    This add-on allows you to set a minimum number of posts to download resources! The number of messages can be selected by category ;)
  18. Allan

    Resources on ForumHome - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.1

    This add-on allows you to create a block to display the RM resources! This add-on lets you view a block that displays different columns based on specific criteria. (categories, most popular resources, top resource etc ..), Look bottom ;) Features: Usergroup Pemission Fully responsive Display...
  19. XFA

    [XFA] Exclude Subcategory resources from list 1.0.0

    Description Simple add-on which avoid subcategories resources from being displayed in the category resources list. Features Hide subcategories resources from the category resources list Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  20. jauburn

    RM 1.1 Clicking Download link on iPhone (6) results in gray screen

    When I click the Download link from the iPHone 6 to download a PDF, I should see the link to open the PDF in ibooks, but instead nothing but a gray screen is displayed in Safari. I can click the "switch windows" icon in the lower right and see the ibook link, but I can't actually see it or click...