Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 2.5.9

No permission to buy ($20.00)
  • Fix Conversation Essentials "Copy conversation to thread" support
  • Recommends Conversation Improvements v2.0.8+ & Conversation Essentials v2.1.0+
  • Add-on compatibility fixes - switch multi-prefix check from opt-out to opt-in
  • Workaround for mysql de-optimizer generating vastly under performant queries when filtering by prefix in some forums
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  • Improve DBTech eCommerce support
    • Make prefixes clickable from product page
    • Clickable prefixes on product list page require DBTech eCommerce v1.4.0+
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  • Improve upgrading from older XF1 versions
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  • XF2.1 compatibility fix where scrolling inside a prefix group would not work
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  • Compatibility fix when extending javascript
  • Fix @DragonByte Tech's eCommerce integration
  • Only extend XFRM/DBTech eCommerce/DBTech Shop tables if the add-on is enabled, hanlding if the related add-on was not uninstalled correctly.
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  • Fix removing prefixes from the filter menu would close the filter menu
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  • Fix XF2.0 bug where removing a prefix from the forum filter would cause the filter UI to blink
  • Fix XF2.1 bug where removing a prefix from the forum filter would cause the filter UI to disappear
  • Support Conversation Essentials in-line moderator tools 'Copy To Thread' properly
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  • Support default forum prefixes when using the 'send report to forum' feature
  • Added support for DragonByte eCommerce
  • Added support for DragonByte Shop

Thanks @DragonByte Tech for DragonByte eCommerce/DragonByte Shop support