Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 2.11.2

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  • Improve "article forum" compatibility and multiple filters being clickable filters
  • Fix clickable filtering prefixes where added to the watched thread list when watched threads filtering add-on is not enabled/installed
  • Fix API support for @XenConcept's Project Manager not working as expected
  • Support displaying multiple prefix descriptions in a thread
  • Add API support for @XenConcept's Project Manager
  • Fix error when editing project tasks
  • Compatibility fix for php 8.1 when Watched Threads Filtering is installed
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Require Standard Lib v1.9.0+
  • Fix php 8.1 compatibility
  • Fix Watched Threads Filtering add-on compatibility resulting in forum links on "What's new" page redirecting to watched threads unexpectedly.
  • Prevent errors when other add-ons extend fnPrefix
  • Add support for XenConcept Project Manager's Tasks
  • Add multiprefix API support for edit/create Threads/XenForo Resource Manager/DBTech eCommerce
  • Add multiprefix support for Moderator Alerts
  • Fix support for XF2.2+ suggestion forums implemented/closed prefixs selection working with threads with multiple prefixes
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  • Work-around php8 compatibility bug in prefix rendering
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  • Remove old XF2.0.x bug work-around
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.8.0+
  • If installed, require Watched Threads Filtering v1.7.0+
  • Fix setting prefix on an rss feed importer to an empty value
  • Add filtering of thread lists by "any prefix" or "no prefix"
    • When "Multiple prefixes filter type" is "and", filtering by "no prefix" and "any" will return no results!
  • Add Batch thread update actions; add/remove prefixes without overwriting all prefixes for a thread
  • Rebuild prefix rendering into template macros (sv_multiprefix_prefix_macros::render*) for HTML template generation to expose greated customization for styling.
  • Support multi-prefixes in emails
  • Add support for @XenConcept's Project Manager
    • The Project Manager support currently only covers Projects, not Tasks. Thanks to @XenConcept for this work!
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  • Reduce unexpected additional padding for multi-prefixes when multiple prefixes groups are present
  • Apply "Move thread prefixes location" and "Sub-title prefix under thread info" style properties to categories in node lists
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  • Fix error when saving prefixes
  • Fix alignment of prefix(es) on thier own row in forum last reply section
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