Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.10.2

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Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.2
Additional requirements
php 7.2+
Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+
If installed, Alert Improvements v2.9.0+
MIT Licence
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A Collection of improvements to XF's warning system

Warning; All user group titles will be visible if they are applied in a Warning Action
  • Warnings/Bans with time-based expiry are now be removed on the 1st visit after the expiry time, rather than needing to wait for the hourly cron task to run.
  • Sortable warnings with categories
    • Drag & drop
    • Permissions per category
    • Per-category warning actions, allowing warning actions to be only triggered from points in that category
  • Updated front-end using smart select menu, or radio boxes
  • User Criteria for warning points
  • Allow users to view their own warnings, and find which posts where warned.
  • Option to send an alert to a user when they receive a warning.
  • Allows the Custom Warning to be customized like other warnings
  • Copy Warning title/text automatically to the public warning action field.
  • Allow non-custom Warnings to have their Titles edited, opt-in
  • Use XenForo's AJAX handling on errors instead of breaking the current form.
  • Optional ability to "unsticky" the Warn button on the warning dialog
  • Allow the default content action to be set
  • Control defaults for user notification
    • Alerts
    • Lock PMs by default
    • Send warning conversations by default
    • Allow invite into warning conversations by default
  • Option to require a note when entering a warning
    • and enforce a minimum length
  • Ability to see warning actions applied to an account from the front-end
    • users may see warning actions agains thier account
    • automatically roll-up identical warning actions to show the latest expiry
    • per-group moderator permissions for editing/viewing all/disable summarization.
  • Additional conversation substitution replaceable for the warning conversation on submit.
    • {warning_points}
    • {warning_title}
    • {warning_link}
    • {userId}
  • Option to force new conversation email to be sent on a warning conversation.
    • Will send even if they are banned!
    • Always sends full conversation text.
    • This can ignore conversation privacy options.
  • Automatically extend default warning expires based on warning point total thresholds. Not accumulative, only the last matching threshold applies
  • Anonymize warnings and warning alerts as a particular user or as a generic 'Moderation Staff' (WarningStaff phrase).
    • Affects Alerts and Warnings.
    • Does NOT change conversations.
  • Round up warning expiry time to the nearest hour to avoid confusion over delays caused by XenForo task system's hourly schedule.
  • Option to log a warning summary to a thread. Phrase: Warning_Summary.Title and Warning_Summary.Message, can use BBCode
  • New Warning Action actions triggered for the last valid warning action:
    • Post a new thread. Phrases Warning_Thread.Message & Warning_Thread.Title, can use BBCode.
    • Reply to an existing thread. Phrases Warning_Thread.Message, can use BBCode.
  • Prevent disclosure that a moderator is viewing/editing warnings to normal users
  • Allow censoring warning titles for normal users via regex to remove chunks of warning titles for public consumption
    • New permission "Bypass warning title censor" to view raw warning title
  • Prevent the creator of a warning deleting warnings without permission
    • New permission "Delete issued warnings"
    • Enforces that moderators must have permission to delete warnings ("Delete issued warnings" or "Delete issued warnings" )
    • By default, warnings are only viewable to the user and moderators
New Moderator permissions
  • Delete issued warnings
  • Bypass warning title censor

New Permission to control if a user can see who warned them.
  • View Warning Issuer.
New moderator permissions for viewing warning actions.
  • View Warning Actions
  • Edit Warning Actions
  • Don't Summarize Warning Actions
Respects the "View Warning Details" permission for allowing a given user group to view warning details on everyone.

Giving "View Warning Details" allows users to view the 'private' warning note, and allows them to see who issued the warning!

Fully Phrased.


User Criteria (for notices and user promotions)

Contributing features or bug fixes
Please create a Github Pull request via the "More Information" link.


If you appreciate this add-on, please consider a contribution via PayPal. Details will be provide via private conversation.

Please contact me if you wish for different licencing arrangements.
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Latest reviews

Every addon made by Xon is a breath of fresh air when compared to others. Not all developers are created equal, and every addon made by Xon is a testament to that. Warning Improvements works perfectly and feels like part of XF Core. Great addon as always.
Excellent addon as always. Xon is a true master of Xenforo who really knows how to extend the system for all sizes of forum.
Most excellent add-on. It provides many needed features to the warning system. Many thanks for your hard work.
Absolutely essential add-on. It brings many much-needed, practical features to the XF warning system. Our moderation team couldn't function without it.
Excellent addon, the developer obviously put a lot of thought into this and released it freely to the community. Well done and thanks!
Many excellent features but I came for the annonymized warnings which is so helpful to our mods.

It reduces the friction between the moderators and the people receiving warnings.

Thank you very much for thinking such a wonderful function.
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. It's got some surprisingly useful features, like being able to pretty much force a user to actually see the warnings and to let them see ones they've received in the past.
Particularly like the Anonymous feature so mods are not thrown under the bus ;) Lots of cool features in this one. Kudos!
It's the little things that count, and this addon packs a heap of little things into one mighty package.

Works really well with Warning Acknowledgement to provide a solid system for user warnings and actions.

Hook your warnings up to threads so staff are always aware when warnings are made, and when warning points trigger a ban.

Add in criterias, as well as email when ban is triggered, and you have a very powerful addon which adds a stack of functionality to your forum!
This is by far the must have add-on! Had annoying bugs but was fixed very quickly 100% top support and top developer! Thanks again Xon.
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