Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.5.1

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  • Remove redundant SQL query on user profile when a user's warning actions can't actually be viewed
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Reactions: Sunka and yin9
  • Fix missing phrase when blocking deleting the last warning category
  • Rework warning category deleting to ensure cleanup happens atomically
  • Fix handling warnings being removed when the linked category/warning action have been deleted
  • Ensure orphaned warning actions are cleaned up on upgrade
  • Disable change logging of sv_pending_warning_expiry state flag
  • Remove duplicate : when editing a warning in the admincp
  • Add "Warning Escalating Defaults - Old-age limit" option (default disabled)
  • Patch XF's usage of points phrase in a user's list of warnings to use svWarningPoints phrase
  • Fix that the 'points' phrase used was shared with trophy points, new svWarningPoints phrase is used instead
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  • Only show warnings the viewing user can see.
    • Support for User Essentials v2.7.0 "[UserEss] Warn posts in own thread" permission.
  • New "Anonymize warning conversations" option, default disabled. Reverting to pre-v2.4.0 behaviour.
    • If using Anonymize Warning feature, please enable this option.
    • Warning Conversations can not have their conversation starter retroactively changed and introduces a change in moderator work-flow if anonymized.
    • The paid Warning Acknowledgement add-on is probably a better solution if you need an anonymized warning notification system compared to conversations.
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  • Fix "TypeError: Argument 3 passed to XF\Service\Conversation\Pusher::setInitialProperties() must be an instance of XF\Entity\User, null give"
  • Fix error when "Anonymise as" is not set to a real user, and a guest user is used instead
  • If installed, Recommend updating Conversation Essentials to v2.3.11+ if users lack the "view warning issuer" permission
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  • Ensure warnings & notifications are transactional
  • Add content action variable to message replacements (thanks @TickTackk)
  • Support anonymized warning conversations