Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.7.4

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  • Reduce queries when viewing a warning
  • When editing, strip http://https:// out of links which had replacables in Warning Achnologement user notes
  • If installed, require Report Improvements v2.10.1+
  • XF2.2.6 compatibility update; fix per-warning "Allow editable warning title when giving warning" option disappearing
  • Allow editing virtually all details for a warning, supports Report Improvements and Warning Acknowledgements.
  • Allow sending an alert to the warned user on editing or deleting warnings, with an optional reason
  • Fix silly bug where non-expiring warnings/bans where ignored when considering the next expiry time.
  • Improve robustness of expiring warnings/bans/etc on the next page visit after they have expired.
    • Fix edge case where rebuild pending expiry time-stamp was not triggered as expected
    • On rebuild user caches, also rebuild pending expiry time-stamp

Older versions (XF1?) may have caused an expiry date of 4294967295 instead of 0 for non-expiring. It is recommended to review these warnings and manually expiring them;
select * 
from xf_warning
where expiry_date = 4294967295 AND is_expired = 0

After this rebuilding user via tools => rebuild users, or via CLI php cmd.php xf-rebuild:users will recompute the next pending expiry for all users
  • Hook up warning criteria take #2
  • Simplify phrase sv_please_enter_note_with_at_least_x_characters
  • When issuing a warning; add "required" flag to user notes if configured
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Actually implement warning criteria. Broken since initial v2.0.0 release
  • Fix editing custom warning in admincp
  • Fix warning being issued by the user being warned
  • Reconstruct correct user to have issued the warning by matching from moderator log and/or report improvement's logging of warnings to reports
  • When issuing a warning, ensure the default warning titles are rendered in the warned user's language
  • If installed, require Report Improvements v2.8.0
  • Fix black page when issuing warnings when the issuer doesn't have permission to view the warning they just created
  • Fix warning conversation emails had the wrong sender attributed to them
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Use receiving user language when generating replacables for warnings & user acknowledgement notes
  • New permission "Delete issued warnings", if a user lacks this permission and "Delete all warnings", prevent editing/deleting warnings they have issued