Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.7.11

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  • Fix 'default selected' when using radio-view when issuing a warning not selecting the first warning in the list, and causing nothing to be selected when the custom warning isn't selectable
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  • Fix "Force conversation email on warning" option did not trigger for banned users
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If using Report Improvements, recommend updating to v2.10.14+ as it may cause issuing a warning to fail with 'conversation title required'.

  • php 8.2 compat fixes
  • Prevent error about a missing function when editing a warning when too old a Report Improvements is installed
  • Fix 'attempted to read property "user_id" on null' when issuing a warning.
    • Occurs when "Warning Acknowledgments" add-on is not installed
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  • Only show previous warnings if a user can see them
  • Add missing permission check for if a report can be resolved when editing a warning
  • Fix that "resolve report" checkbox could be shown to users who can't resolve reports when editing warnings
  • Improve UX around editing a warning when is Warning Acknowledgements enabled
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  • Fix that editing a warning's points would not change when the next-page load checks to expire just expired warnings.
  • Fix edit points to zero + expiring a warning did not behave as expected
  • Reduce queries when viewing a warning
  • When editing, strip http://https:// out of links which had replacables in Warning Achnologement user notes
  • If installed, require Report Improvements v2.10.1+
  • XF2.2.6 compatibility update; fix per-warning "Allow editable warning title when giving warning" option disappearing
  • Allow editing virtually all details for a warning, supports Report Improvements and Warning Acknowledgements.
  • Allow sending an alert to the warned user on editing or deleting warnings, with an optional reason
  • Fix silly bug where non-expiring warnings/bans where ignored when considering the next expiry time.