Warning Improvements by Xon

Warning Improvements by Xon 2.7.11

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Excellent addon as always. Xon is a true master of Xenforo who really knows how to extend the system for all sizes of forum.
Most excellent add-on. It provides many needed features to the warning system. Many thanks for your hard work.
Absolutely essential add-on. It brings many much-needed, practical features to the XF warning system. Our moderation team couldn't function without it.
Excellent addon, the developer obviously put a lot of thought into this and released it freely to the community. Well done and thanks!
Many excellent features but I came for the annonymized warnings which is so helpful to our mods.

It reduces the friction between the moderators and the people receiving warnings.

Thank you very much for thinking such a wonderful function.
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. It's got some surprisingly useful features, like being able to pretty much force a user to actually see the warnings and to let them see ones they've received in the past.
Particularly like the Anonymous feature so mods are not thrown under the bus ;) Lots of cool features in this one. Kudos!
It's the little things that count, and this addon packs a heap of little things into one mighty package.

Works really well with Warning Acknowledgement to provide a solid system for user warnings and actions.

Hook your warnings up to threads so staff are always aware when warnings are made, and when warning points trigger a ban.

Add in criterias, as well as email when ban is triggered, and you have a very powerful addon which adds a stack of functionality to your forum!
This is by far the must have add-on! Had annoying bugs but was fixed very quickly 100% top support and top developer! Thanks again Xon.
Xon improves what is already there and if there is some function missing in the core, he adds it. You need his addons to make xenforo perfect. This is on of the must haves for us. Makes moderation much easier.
After this extension, I had been looking for a long time, thanks for the fact that you share the tool for free and that I do not have to open an extra account for free tool in an extra forum.
Great, thank you! This features missing in XF. Very good support, author fixed small problem in language variables instantly.
This is a no brainer. Everyone should download this. Extends core XF warning system with common sense additions.
This is by far the most handy add-on for me any my moderator team. I'm looking forward to other XF1 add-ons of Xon to be updated for XF2 :)