Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.8.6

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  • Fix displaying bb-codes tagged as moderator only in the front-end
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  • Enable Fieldset bb-code to use float align argument (the dialog suggests this is supported)
  • Fix moderator only bb-codes would not render in the admincp bb-code button manager
  • Fix editor not being extended reliably for non-post editor usage
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  • Fix javascript error blocking more than 1 [hr] to be added per editor
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  • Tweak default LaTeX tag title
  • Enable editor support for custom [hr] with additional styling tag driven by sv_bbcode_hr template
    • Editor respects the "Default HR style" style property
    • Fix issue with toggling bb-code mode introducing linebreaks around [hr] tag
    • Works with XF2.1
  • Fixes for "Disable rendering quotes in editor" style property is enabled (XF2.2+)
    • Make editor inject raw [quote] bb-code
    • Fix bug where new-line after [quote] bb-code would be unexpectedly trimmed when toggling bb-code mode
    • Fix quoting/replying would not have a newline between the [/quote] tag and the cursor
  • Patch unfurl to use visitor's styling and inject the $xf template variable. Allows editing the bb_code_tag_url_unfurl template
  • Improve handling of copy & pasting Discord message text into rich text editor, aka prevent eating new-lines.
    • Note; Discord's select & ctrl-c outputs HTML while select & right-click & copy produces Text!
    Works with;
    • Simple line text formatting; bold, italics, strikethrough, underlining.
    • block quotes (renders as [quote] tag)
    • code blocks (formatted or non-formatted, renders as [code] tag, preserving the language)
    • multi-line text
    • Inline code-block (renders as [icode] tag)
    • Inline spoiler (renders as [ispoiler] tag)
  • Improve [time] bb-code editor dialog error handling
    • Recommend updating StandardLib v1.7.3 to fix pikaday css not being loaded in XF2.2
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  • Fix copy & pasting text in the editor injecting additional new lines (in XF2.2+), and additional [left] bb-code tags which are problematic for the [slider]/[accordion]/[tabs] bb-codes
  • Add "Disable rendering quotes in editor" style property
  • Change [latex] formula box to being a multi-line text entry instead of a single line
  • Add multi-line text entry field for [article]/[encadre]/[fieldset]
  • Rework editor dialog integration. Auto-fill selected text into bb-code dialogs in the relevant places
  • For [slider]/[accordion]/[tabs]; instead of just entering the title, allow entering tab/slide text in the editor dialog
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  • On toggling show transparent as spoilers; remove the data-xf-click attribute to restore old pointer behaviour
  • Compatibility fix for XF2.1.6 changes to [color] bb-code
    • Add "Support transparent color" option (default enabled), overrides XF2.1.6 behaviour
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  • Fix "[E_WARNING] trim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given" when dealling with malformed accordion/tab/slider
  • Fix word-counter not being reset on submitting bb-code only replies
  • Make abbr interact with tabbing through a document to show it's tooltip
  • Add "Default HR style" style property, defaulting to a Hr line faded on both sides styling.
    • Update hr custom bb-code definition again, this overrrides the XF2.2 version!
  • Fix drag-select reply/quote not reversing html => bbcode for
    • hr
    • non-blury spoiler
  • Standardize [color=ARG] to lower-case to avoid incorrect transaparency handling
  • fix 'transparent => inline-spoiler' feature did not have same click behaviour as just inline-spoilers
  • Inline-spoiler no longer prevents rendering of text color on hover, yet 'transparent' color is over-riden when using the transparent color => inline-spoiler feature
  • Support [tab=id]text[/tab] to link tab ids
  • Fix slide & slide header support only supporting legacy multi-options format, and not XF2.1+ native
  • Implement XF2.2 style bb-code arguments for accordion/slider/tabs slides
  • Ensure align/align_title bb-code option for title alignment is consistently supported for accordion/bimg/encadre/slider/tabs
  • Update bb-code description for hr/accordion/bimg/encadre/fieldset/slider/tabs, this overwrites the bb-code definition!
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  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Fix add-on compatibility with XF\Pub\Controller\Editor::loadDialog
  • Fix that multiple [tabs] bb-code in the same content could unexpectedly persist which tab was expected to be open between tabs
  • Fix that multiple [Accordion] bb-code in the same content could unexpectedly persist width/height limits between accordions
  • Tidy up some style property text
  • Allow "auto" for default width for various bb-code, and width:auto argument where widths are permitted.
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