Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.5.3

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  • Adjust css for accordion/slider/tabs to better interact with floated content
  • Fix that [xtable] bb-code would unexpectedly strip new-lines in contained text
  • Better handling for [xtable] bb-code with nested normal bb-code that wrap another [xtable]
  • Style property to replace blur-spoiler with non-blurred version (default disabled), note; non-blurred spoiler handles images while stock XF version does not
  • Adjust transition delay on inline-spoiler bar used when showing transparent text
  • Add QuickSpoiler stub (for [qs] bb-code, and xml file) & remove redundant css/less injection
  • bb-code definition files are now provided in an 'bb-codes' folder outside the 'upload' folder in redistributable
  • Only render the most top-level inline spoiler, as nested inline spoilers are silly and work poorly
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  • Apply workaround to prevent empty alt/title tags in Chrome from causing an image which is failing to load to fail to show the failed to load image
  • Fix some style properties not applying as expected
  • Adjust trim lines tag after for latex tag
  • Add style-wide option to disable lightbox
  • Fix that editor could damage complex [xtable]/[tabs]/[accordion] bb-codes due to nesting
  • Allow text alignment to be copied as expected via copy&paste of html
  • Fix XF1-style options handling for xtable bb-code
  • Fix handling of new-lines and censor'ed text in xtable cells
  • Add caching around editor html => bbcode parsing to avoid repeatedly parsing on draft save
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  • Workaround for an XF bug which causes url unfurling to fail due to a race condition