Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.9.11

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  • Fix [time] bb-code being broken due to attempting to skip default values from being embedded into the raw bb-code
  • Fix internal server error when editing posts with sliders/accordions/tabs
  • Generate stable Tab/Accordion/Slider id's
  • Improve editor support for Slider bb-code.
    • Add more options that the add-on support to the editor integration UI
  • Fix "Cannot call method isIgnoring on a non-object" in editor playground when using quotes
  • Fix fullscreen mode in XF2.2 not covering the screen.
  • On enter/exit fullscreen mode, trigger toolbar changes if applicable
  • Improve screen reader compatibility for inline spoiler/abbr/time bb-codes
  • Fix regression in Microsoft Word copy & paste support around missed adding new lines.
    • Note; using custom styling in Microsoft Word will likely confuse the Microsoft Word Html => bb-code converter. Deeply.
  • On building javascript bundle, use minified version of all js files
  • Fix toggle bb-code in XF2.1
  • Improve copy & paste support for Word, but supporting page layout "after" option
  • Disable editor workarounds which have been implemented in XenForo v2.2.7+ when using XF2.2.7+
  • Update [abbr] and [time] bb-codes to support touch events to show the tooltip for better mobile support
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  • Fix XF2.1 support for copy & paste of Discord code blocks
  • Workaround for editor bug where whitespace is eaten after a link inside a list (that has child-list).
  • Workaround for janky editor behaviour around invisible new lines resulting in to few and too many lines being removed when pressing delete at the end or a line or backspace at the begining of the line
  • Allow parse_less_color to convert rgb/rgba format into a hex string before caching or before touching the less parser
  • Rework how custom json is passed to the editor to better scale and require less json decoding steps
  • Update hr custom bb-code
    • Increase height of line slightly
    • Uses template rendering instead of text replacement
    • Fix copy & paste of existing hr tags would strip the hr styling choice
    • Shim XF2.2 Insert HR button to inject add-on css (bbc-hr)
  • Update h1/h2/h3/h4 custom bb-codes
    • In XF2.1; implement editor support, including copy & paste support
    • In XF2.2; force h1 tags to be accepted; and provide per tag css
    • Shim XF2.2 Paragraph format button to inject add-on css (bbc-header)
    • Add Paragraph format button to XF2.1 (requires manually adding to editor toolbars)
  • Improve support for copying from Microsoft Word/LibreOffice/OpenOffice and not aggressively adding additional newlines
  • Improve support for preserving new-lines for some HTML copy & paste operations
  • Add option "Normalize quote characters on paste" to convert "smart" quotes into standard ascii quotes
  • Add copy & paste support for XF inline code blocks
  • Add copy & paste support for XF inline spoiler & add-on's non-blury spoiler blocks
  • Add "Editor playground" option, allow users to preview editor output. Including debug options to inspect how XF transforms editor code to html/bb-code
  • Make the draft button not get disabled in bb-code mode, as the feature still works in the background
  • Add style property "Suggest disabling bb-code mode clicks", to help non-desktop users get out of bb-code mode
  • Add "fullscreen editor button" option, to enable the fullscreen editor plugin & button (default enable)
    • Requires adding the button to the editor toolbar's manually
    • Recommend updating Thread Reply Banner to v2.4.2 if using XF2.2+
  • Fix displaying bb-codes tagged as moderator only in the front-end
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