Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.14.8

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  • Fix h1 tag not having the expected styling applied on copy&paste
  • Fix discord code-block copy&paste support
  • Fix copy&paste of inline code blocks where forced onto new lines
  • Add copy&paste support for font-awesome icons generated by this addon
  • php 8.4+ compatibility fix
  • Fix XF2.2 bug where [icode=rich] did not round-trip as expected
  • Work-around text selection color can unexpectedly match the background color when using :root { color-scheme: dark; } and [color=transparent], by explicitly setting selection text color for the affected HTML.
    Can be edited or changed by adjusting the sv_bbcode_color.less template
  • Fix [tab] bb-code would not link to tab 10+ in a [tabs] bb-code
  • Fix toggling h1/h2/h3/h4 custom bb-codes would inject a newline before those tags
  • Improve compatibility of accordions/tabs with the click-to-expand feature and nested quotes/accordions
  • Fix error when uninstalling add-on
  • Add various usergroup test bb-codes which only render content if the user matches. While imported, these bb-codes are not enabled by default
    These bb-codes are recreations for the old User Group BB Codes by Waindigo (or later [TH] User Group BB Codes for XenForo 1.x

    Implemented bb-code:
    • guest
    • registered
    • isuserid
    • isnotuserid
    • ismemberofusergroup
    • isnotmemberofusergroup

    Note; the guest/registered bb-code are implemented differently from the older Waindigo versions. This add-on's implementation test actual 'is guest' vs 'is registered user' compared to hard-coded user-group tests
  • Change "Normalize quote characters on paste" to "Normalize characters on paste"
    • Rewrite non-asci spaces into asci spaces
    • Better handle obscure quote types ("low" quotation characters)
  • Add "Normalize characters on render" option. Initialized to "Normalize characters on paste"'s value.
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  • Fix bb-codes which support legacy width definition would incorrectly reset the height type from the default to 'px' based
  • Fix percentage-based heights where not consistently enabled for various bb-codes.
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