Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.11.3

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  • Fix header(h2/h3/h4) bb-code did not round-trip as expected (actually enable workaround)
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  • When "Size tag in rem units" is enabled, force 'px' unit sizes into 'rem' units to allow text scaling
  • On install, install custom hr/h1/h2/h3/h4 bb-codes
  • Improve compatibility for HTML => BbCode translation when not all custom bb-codes are installed & enabled
  • Require StandardLib v1.11.0+
    • Improve support for rendering templates in the mail & api contexts by correctly injecting template filters/functions into multiple rendering contexts
  • Move template functions abs/parse_less_func into Standard Lib add-on
  • Remove unused 'bb_code_time' date-time formatting option, this was just {{ date($time, 'picker') . 'T' . date($time, 'H:i:00P') }}
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  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Add "MathJax source (latex bb-code)" option. Defaults to "" to deliver v2.7.9
    • Hosting locally requires downloading This is a ~38mb zip! Copy the entire contents of the zip, preserving directories, to;
    • See the FAQ for an example of setting up proxying for MathJax without needing to download the entire ~40mb redistributable.
    • Edit the template sv_bbcode_latex to change which mathjax version is used. Note; v3+ requires new javascript setup scripts which is not supported.
  • Add self-closing font-awesome bb-codes (not installed by default);
    • A "Brands" Style Font Awesome Icon; [FAB=font-awesome]
    • A "Duotone" Style Font Awesome Icon; [FAD=icons]
    • A "Light" Style Font Awesome Icon; [FAL=icons]
    • A "Regular" Style Font Awesome Icon; [FAR=icons]
    • A "Solid" Style Font Awesome Icon; [FAS=icons]
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  • CSS incantations to fix [abbr] & [time] underline behaviour for iOS devices
  • Workaround for the Froala bug where the full-screen button doesn't cause the toolbar to resize
  • Fix php 8.1 compatibility
  • (Hopefully) Improve compatibility with copy&paste support for google docs
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  • Fix [time] bb-code being broken due to attempting to skip default values from being embedded into the raw bb-code
  • Fix internal server error when editing posts with sliders/accordions/tabs