1. alexD

    [adblock_hide] BB code to protect content from ad blockers in threads 2.0.1

    Give an incentive to your visitors to disable their adblockers by selectively hiding interesting parts in posts. This add-on creates a new BB code: ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸[adblock_hide] Only visitors who have their ad blockers disabled can have the protected content loaded and displayed. ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸ ￸...
  2. Sim

    Fixed GALLERY BBCode renders using relative URLs in SimpleHtml and EmailHtml

    In XFMG\BbCode\Gallery::renderTagSimple, when rendering simple or email HTML for media or album galleries, the link is built using relative URLs rather than full URLs as required for links views externally. Can I suggest that line 118 (v2.0.4) be changed to: $link =...
  3. CMTV

    Code 1.1.3

    Description This addon makes code bbcode and code editor way more functional by adding copy, expand, collapse buttons, resizer bar and automatically adjusting the colors to fit chosen forum style. This is an open source addon. Visit GitHub repository for source code. All my addons are free...
  4. markransome

    XF 2.0 Cannot Get Custom BBCode To Work

    Hi, I am trying to add a custom BBCode to be able to add a custom button with a link, this is what I have come up with so far: BB code tag: btn Title: Custom button Replacement mode: Simple Supports option parameter: Yes HTML replacement: <p class="custom-button"><i class="fas...
  5. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to resize Tables?

    I used KL Edit Manager but i'm unable to resize the Tables. How can i do that?
  6. Kevin RG

    [Foro.Agency] ✂️ Sprite BbCode ! 1.0.0

    This addon integrate a new BbCode into your XenForo Forum for use sprite images in your threads and posts. How to use this BbCode ? : {attachment_id} For usign a sprite image with this addon, you must upload an image on attachment system and save the thread or message for valid the...
  7. Sunka

    Staff BBcodes (with extra two) - 2018-02-25

    Nice four BBcodes for your Staff members and extra two for all your users from Nothing new, nothing big, but I like it, and maybe you will like it too. This addon contain six bbcodes: Info Help Warning Important Edit Offtopic All you have to do: copy text from Staff...
  8. kalco

    [Roka] Notification BB Codes xf 2.x 1.0.0

    Create a Notification BB Code to show special colored boxes, with fontawesome icons. Features: Allowed bbcode. Allowed [INFORMATION] bbcode. Allowed [SUCCESS] bbcode. Allowed [WARNING] bbcode. Customized box color. How to use: Create new post and put Code: [ERROR=Test title]Test...
  9. J

    XF 2.0 BBCode with multiple options

    Hello, I am looking at merging a rather large community 1 million+ posts from phpBB to Xenforo. However, I've run in to some issues with 2.0 and BBCodes with multiple options, I knew roughly how to do it in Xenforo 1.x but I've had no luck doing it in 2.0 Basically an example of one the most...
  10. Kevin RG

    [Foro.Agency] FontAwesome BbCode 1.0.3

    English version : This addOn cost 4€. XenForo doesn't support FontAwesome in threads, signatures and other. With this addon you can integrate own FontAwesome in yours application. [Foro.Agency] FontAwesome BbCode integrate a new BbCode in your XenForo forum. How to you use ? For use the new...
  11. AlexT

    Fixed Hard coded processor actions - code event missing

    XF 2 provides a code event to listen to when a BB code renderer object is created ("bb_code_renderer", fired in the $container->factory('renderer') closure). Analogously, there should be a "bb_code_processor_action" code event fired in the $container->factory('processorAction') closure. This...
  12. C

    XF 2.0 Styling a "POST"

    Ok, crazy question, but I want to use the forum to post what I consider "articles". I am wondering if there are any 'templates' that would stylize a post. Something I can replicate over and over again to keep all similar posts the same. I have seen BBcode templates, but those are mostly for...
  13. CMTV

    Additional language for [code=...] bbcode

    Since xenForo 2.0.1 release you can add additional language support on your forum. There was no way to do so before due to this bug. This method of adding additional language was proposed by @Chris D. In this example, I will be adding LaTeX support. 1. Downloading PrismJS components xenForo...
  14. Mythotical

    Fixed Adding new bbcode leads to character error

    Not sure if this is a bug or just something I'm missing since error messages are not really explanatory when popping up. I have no idea where the characters refer. I have disabled all my add-ons and tried but still the same issue.
  15. CMTV

    Fixed Additional language for [code=...]

    I tried to follow an algorithm of adding custom language for bbcode proposed by @Chris D . It is not working. I tried to figure what is going wrong and here is what I found. I will use Scala language here as an example. The proposed method is working fine if we set "scala" directly in...
  16. Lukas W.

    Editor & BB Code Manager 1.1.0

    Editor & BB Code Manager Description Fully customize your XenForo Froala instance. Change your toolbar layout, enable and disable BB Codes, make use of the new table and background-color BB Codes, provide exciting new fonts for your users from your own server or external hosts. It's all in your...
  17. adamsmasher

    XF 2.0 Parsing BBCode in a template

    In XF 1.x you could use something like this to parse BBCode in a template: {xf:helper bbCode, $parser, $someVar.index} Is there something similar in XF 2.x? I saw some methods digging through classes but didn't see a 1:1 comparison. I'm sure I'm just missing it (really need to learn an IDE...
  18. Tom McIntyre

    Catalog of built in BBcodes

    I thought there would be a catalog of all the BBcodes included with the standard distribution of XenForo, but I have not been able to find it in the manual or by searching these discussion forums. I can find the ones that are in the edit bar as tools, but others like code and quote are nowhere...
  19. eva2000

    XF 1.5 IMG bbcode labeled

    I'm curious if this can be done purely via css/styling or would custom development be needed. When a user posts images or attachments using IMG bbcode tag, have it so the displayed inline image is labeled as such i.e. Attached images This is so that users and visitors can clearly see...
  20. dknife

    bbcode to generate static content in message

    I have a function I wrote on my forum which displays dynamic content from the main site by simply using a bbcode tag and an ID to pull the data. This concept works great however what I really need is the ability to post the same content as either static or dynamic. The data it retrieves and...