1. Foxtrek_64

    XF 2.2 BBCode is being parsed inside of code blocks

    I'm not sure when this changed, but in the past, code blocks would disable parsing. This would allow me to provide raw bbcode as a sample. I would expect the same behavior we see with icode to be present in code blocks, but in reality what happens is icode disables parsing and code does not...
  2. R

    XF 2.2 Does anyone know how to do this? (Color table backgrounds on posts.) not a Styles question. More a BBCode question. How do I clone this IPB post to XF

    Does anyone know how to do this? (Color table backgrounds on posts.) not a Styles question. More a BBCode question. How do I clone this IPB post to XF...
  3. CavySpirit

    XF 2.2 Editor Toolbar by User Group?

    Is it possible to have different toolbars per user group? I need maximum bbcode options available to me for creating articles and such. But, a very limited toolbar for most users for creating threads. I'm not seeing how this is possible. Is it possible to secure individual bbcode functions by...
  4. Taminoful

    Fixed Addressing the Poor Visibility of the Inline Spoiler BB Code

    Addressing the Poor Visibility of the Inline Spoiler BB Code Currently, the inline spoiler bbcode does have poor visibility due to its styling choices as it uses text-shadow for the blurring effect. That is inconsequential within the inline spoiler CSS as smilies get blurred with the filter...
  5. S

    XF 2.2 Add more Protocols to [URL]-Tag

    Hi Guys. I want to add more protocols to the URL-BB Code Tag. I look in src/XF/BbCode/Renderer/Html.php an found protected $allowedUrlProtocolRegex = '#^(https?|ftp)://#i'; so i try to add other protocols like steam:// or meta:// protected $allowedUrlProtocolRegex =...
  6. Phid

    XF 2.2 Validate BB Code before saving a post

    Dear Sir/Madam, I've been searching but haven't found an answer for the specific question I've, maybe I made the wrong queries... hope anyone can throw me some light or point me into the right direction. I've created a custom add-on for some custom BB Codes along with some dialogs for helping...
  7. NandorHUN

    XF 2.2 What's the best way to edit a BB code text?

    Hi guys! I need to write pages in Xenforo and edited them in MS Word. I realised it it won't work properly because I need BBCodes, editing everything manually is a pain. What's the best way to do it? Is there any BBCode editor that I can use and copy out the right format? Or convet it...
  8. CMTV

    Fixed User mentions render inside custom bbcode

    Consider you want to create a bbcode [myraw] which does nothing. In order to prevent simlies and nested bbcodes rendering, you check the following checkboxes in "Advanced options": But user mentions will still work inside our custom bbcode but they should not (since we have checked "Disable...
  9. A

    XF 2.1 How to use strpos in templates xenforo 2.1

    I want to do something like if featured image present show featured image else if thread first post message contain Media='youtube' tag show bbcode else show website logo
  10. eva2000

    XF 1.5 3rd party template referenced images run through proxy.php ?

    For both XF 1.5 and XF 2.1, I've modified the youtube bbcode media template to serve the default youtube image thumbnail rather than load all the script/video assets on initial page load for better page speed. Example at...
  11. S

    XF 2.1 How to get template name from Custom BB code callback?

    Can I somehow access the template name from the templater object? Basically I would like to understand if the thread preview is being rendered.
  12. S

    XF 2.1 \FX\BbCode\Renderer\Html vs \FX\Html\Renderer\BbCode

    Anyone care to explain what is the difference and relationship between those two classes? Talking about \FX\BbCode\Renderer\Html and \FX\Html\Renderer\BbCode.
  13. C

    XF 2.1 Adding custom header BB code to text editor

    Hi everyone, n00b here (actually ex-vBulletin convert!), so be gentle :) I want to add a BBCode button command to my forum's text editor box that will roll up this bit of code: <p style="color: #54acd2; font-size: 26px;"><strong></strong></p> and apply it to selected text. It's for header text...
  14. 021

    [BS] Hidden content BB-codes 1.2.4a

    .the main goals of this addon are to: Promote user interaction Reward users who contribute Monetize your forum This add-on achieves this by adding BB-codes similar to spoiler tags which you use to limit who can view specific content. Content can be hidden or displayed to users based on their...
  15. Nocturne

    XF 2.1 Custom Code Block Formatting - How?

    Hello! I run a large programming forum and we're using Xenforo 2.1. The ability to format and colour code from different languages in posts is great, but I'd like to expand the available list to include other languages and correctly format them. However I can find no information on how this...
  16. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Audio BBCode 2.0.1

    This add-on allows users to download audio files. Audio files can be uploaded to posts, conversations and resources. The supported formats are .mp3 and .ogg Features: Options Allow audio uploads with maximum file size Permissions Upload audios to posts Upload audios to conversations...
  17. K

    XF 2.1 Video Links Update - Youtube

    Hi, I'm migrating from PHPBB3.1 to Xenforo. Everything was smooth on the migration Xenforo 2 (latest version). On the PHPBB forum I had some customs BBcodes to allow the display of the video on the topic. However on Xenforo there is no need! This is very good and easy. I removed the...
  18. G

    XF 2.1 Imgur BBCode no longer working?

    We recently upgraded and I'm seeing the following behavior. When a user wishes to insert an image into a post that they had uploaded to Imgur, they typically would (on the Imgur page for the image) click "Get Share Links", then "BBCode (Forums)" and copy/paste that BBCode - this is what we've...
  19. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 Add BB code option

    I created a small addon that adds an extra option to the TABLE BB code. This works fine, but the problem is that when you are in the BB code editor and switch view (toggle BB code), the extra option gets stripped. So when you have: Header 1Header 2 Content 1Content 2 ...the 'collapse' part...
  20. X

    Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.12.8

    Editor improvements Work-arounds for various editor bugs (froala) around new-line handling. Improved support copy & pasting XenForo inline-spoilers, inline code blocks, quotes. Improved support for copy & paste from; Discord Google docs Microsoft Office (not Office 365 online) LibraOffice...