Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.8.6

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  • Support Svg Template v2.3.0 server-side render of svg-to-png for moderator bb-code icons for tablet/mobile devices.
    • Requires Browser Detection v2.1.0+ for this feature
  • Fix option "Mod Interrupt bb-code: Moderator only rendering", broken in 1.7.9
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  • Restore php 7.0 compatibility
  • Fix [bimg] "title inside" option not applying expected CSS
  • Fix [bimg] "title position" option not combining with "title align" option
  • Fix possible "[E_NOTICE] Array to string conversion" on mod-tag usage
  • Fix possible error in bb-code rendered in emails
  • Fix that [bimg block_align=right] would lack margins
  • Add "word count labels" feature which allows setting spesific phrases to be used at given word-counts
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  • Add explicit support for bb-code pages being considered "staff" for staff-only bb-codes. This also refactors how content is considered "staff" to be easier for other add-ons to extend.
  • Fix bb-codes in emails potentially not using the correct XF templater sub-system
  • Remove explicit string return types on functions which can return XF string-like objects
  • Patch email text rewrite color=transparent to spoiler, as otherwise this can trigger email spam filters
  • Apply "Use non-blurred spoiler" style-property to emails
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  • Add a small amount of padding to the word-counter
  • Vote tally compatibility improvement
  • Fix word-counter not working in bb-code only mode
  • Fix typo in "Word-count updating delay" style property name
  • Enable word-counter by default, with a 0.6 second delay
  • In emails, dump raw latex instead of attempting to render
  • In emails, fix that the count down/up timer would be attempted to be rendered in email
  • Fix Word-counter
    • Work-around minifier bug which doesn't support unicode regex correctly
    • Restore support for browsers without unicode regex
  • Update editor word counter to better match Word Count Search & Post Friction add-ons, which should result in vastly less word-count overestimation
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  • Fix double escaping of accordion/tabs/slider title due to unexpected type casting