Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.0.8

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
2.0, 2.1
Additional requirements
php 5.6+
Recommended: Threadmarks Pro (paid)
Recommended: SVG Template (free)
Updates duration
12 Months ($20 Yearly Renewal + HST)
Supports the following general bb-codes:
  • accordion
  • article
  • bimg
  • encadre
  • gview
  • latex
  • slider
  • xtable (TinyQuattro compatible, much more advanced than XF2.1 built-in version)
  • tabs
  • time
  • justify
  • sub
  • sup
  • hr (can be a self-closing tag)
  • h1
  • h2
  • h3
  • h4
Compatibility shim
  • spoilerbb rewrites to XF native spoiler
Moderator only bb-code
  • alert
  • warning
  • stop
  • information
If Threadmarks Pro (paid) add-on is installed&active, these will automatically create a threadmark in the defined category (see 'Threadmark category Id' option).

If SVG Template (free) add-on is installed&active, an SVG icon is added besides the warning banner.


Based off bb-code from BbCodes & Buttons Manager - Advanced Bb Codes Pack' add-on which is licenced Creative Commons BY 3.0.

This add-on, and it's implementation, are licenced under Atelier Aphelion's licence agreement
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.8 - Bugfix update

    Tale #2 at fixing "Error rendering template public:sv_bbcode_accordion.less" Consistently...
  2. 1.0.7 - Bugfix update

    Fixed xtable stripping newlines of content unexpectedly & fixed supported for nested xtable...
  3. 1.0.6 - Maintenance update

    Fix for Fatal Error: Trait 'SV\Utils\InstallerHelper' not found for very new installs without...

Latest reviews

Excellent light-weight add-on with alot of great custom BB-Codes. Very sleek designed BB-Codes and easy to use. Moderator only BB-Codes is very functional to limit certain BB-Codes to specifically staff and are really useful.

The support of Xon is outstanding. Support takes the time to solve any issue. Not only do they provide excellent support it will be done with professionalism, quick to instant responses and broad explanations that every user will understand.

Would recommend this add-on.