Threadmarks Pro

Threadmarks Pro 2.15.4

No permission to buy ($40.00)
  • Require php 7.2+
  • If installed, require Search Improvements v2.6.0+
  • Support Search Improvements v2.7.0+ search term display
  • Compatibility fix for @NixFifty's Discord integration add-on
  • Compatibility fix for Collaborative Threads add-on
  • Fix threadmark author statistics column alignment
  • Fix missing phrases
  • Fix 'xf-rebuild:missing-threadmark-index' on threads with threadmarks and missing the first post
  • Only show threadmark index status filter on forums a user can view threadmark indexes in
  • Improve php 8.2 compatibility
  • Fix 'Search title only' would get deselected when going from a search to the search-form via the clickable link
  • Fix error from bad interaction with thread redirects and threadmarks+rss
  • Add threadmark category sort UI
  • Enable embedding threadmark indexes by default for forums and conversations.
    • To adjust existing forums via bulk SQL:
      update xf_forum set embed_threadmark_index  = 2 where embed_threadmark_index = 0
  • Do not delete the first post threadmark when the thread is deleted
  • Change default option for "Use threadmark index description for thread embed text" to true
  • Add "includeSticky" option to the xf-rebuild:missing-threadmark-index command
  • Add output cache for threadmark's rss feature
  • Add "all" threadmark's rss feed to threadmark index block
  • Fix rendering rss alternative links in page header for a thread's threadmarks page
  • Require StandardLib v1.11.0+
    • Improve support for rendering templates in the mail & api contexts by correctly injecting template filters/functions into multiple rendering contexts
  • Fix using deprecated function with latest standard lib version
  • Improve xf-rebuild:threadmarks-read-tracking command to better iterate over all users who have threadmark read tracking for content
    • Running this CLI command is very slow as it must visit every user for every thread that has threadmark read data
  • Fix threadmark read tracking was not pruned when a threadmark or thread was deleted
  • Fix CLI command xf-rebuild:threadmarks-read-tracking being largely non-functional and performing very poorly
  • Improve threadmark read tracking to more aggressively prune threadmark read into a single last read value to better control bloat of the xf_sv_threadmark_read table
  • php 8.2 compat fixes
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Rename some add-on internal methods to avoid possible name-clashes
  • Remove "Enable display of threadmark index icons" style property, replaced by global option "Enable threadmark index icons"
  • Convert "Enable dynamic threadmark index icons" style property to "No threadmark icon behaviour" style property with the options;
    • No icon
    • Static image
    • Dynamic default
  • When viewing a thread/conversation/threadmark index, do not ignore threadmarks which are from ignored content threads/conversations
  • Compatibility fix for Watched Threads Filtering not supporting filtering by last threadmark or watcher count