Threadmarks Pro

Threadmarks Pro 2.2.9

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  • Fix typo breaking XF1 => XF2 upgrade process
  • Improve upgrading from old XF1 (v1.3.x) versions of threadmarks
  • Fix "Cannot call method getRedirectLinkForThreadmark on a non-object (NULL)" on viewing a threadmark with hard deleted content.
  • Prevent recent threadmark list from being unexpectedly hidden
  • Prevent error when the recent threadmark dropdown contains links to deleted posts
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  • Prevent mixing protected/public when extending entities
  • Remove padding for around threadmark quick-reply fields to reduce wasted whitespace
  • Reduce SQL queries added during search indexing threads
  • Fix post quick-reply being unexpectedly disabled
  • Attempt to reduce/prevent template errors during installing on very active forums
  • Fix error merging threads without threadmarks
  • Confirm compatibility with XF2.1
  • Add recent threadmarks to bottom of the thread
  • Convert enable/disable global option for threadmark icons into style properties
  • Allow linking to an existing threadmark index (via URL) along side prompting for a threadmark index on thread creation
  • Collapsible "linked content section"
  • Improve Collaborative Thread handling of threadmark indexes.
  • Fix compatibility issue with Thread Reply Banner
  • Allow viewing 'soft-deleted' threadmark index still linked to a thread
    • Relax rule preventing merging multiple threads with a threadmark index
  • If XF caching is setup, cache threadmark categories instead of querying for the list of threadmark categories