Threadmarks Pro

Threadmarks Pro 2.15.5

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  • Compatibility fix for Watched Threads Filtering not supporting filtering by last threadmark or watcher count
  • Fix unexpected wrapping issue with threadmark index title on mobile devices
  • Fix alignment issue of 'reader mode' and 'rss' buttons for a threadmark category on mobile devices
  • Improve alignment behaviour of threadmark header/footer on mobiles
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  • Support using MultiPrefix when rendering thread titles in threadmark overview for a thread, this also avoids triggering a minor php 8 compatibility issue in XenForo code
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  • Fix threadmark header index with non-breaking text causing text to escape the container
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  • Require Standard Lib v1.7.1+
  • If installed, require Optimized List Queries v2.8.0+
  • Fix that with XF2.2 in reader mode, threadmark ordering was not always consistant
  • Fix reader-mode links in conversations
  • Rework soft-disabled "all threadmarks" reader mode
    • Fix XF2.2 integration
    • Ue a more optimized query in "all threadmarks" reader mode
    • Add option to explicit control if "all threadmarks" mode is accessable
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  • Fix approve/delete of threadmark index from approval queue could take an unexpectedly long time due to triggering rebuilds inside a large transaction
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  • Fix inline post-edit not matching css for threadmark/threadmark category inputs
  • Add explainer on-hover text for recent readers (phrase svThreadmarks_recent_reader_explain; "Member count in the last 7 days who have read a threadmark created in the last 7 days")
  • Reduce queries for threadmark RSS feeds
    • Recommend updating Optimized List Queries to v2.7.0+
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  • Fix internal server instead of a 404 error on attempting to touch threadmark actions of a non-existent post
  • Fix on-thread preview with a threadmark header not respecting the max-height attribute as expected, and remove redundant borders.
  • Force global namespace for functions which are known to be optimizable to bytecode in php
  • Set Cache-Control:public when an rss feed is rendered for a guest
  • If a threadmark is required in a thread, do not let the last threadmark be deleted for normal users
  • If threadmark index is required in a thread, do not let it be deleted for a thread for normal users
  • Change the reader-mode footer the "view content" link to "view discussion" which jumps to just after the content instead of the start of the content
  • More aggressively wrap a thread's threadmark category list to avoid partial wrapping of the category list which consumes more vertical space than desired
  • Only inject threadmark index as thread preview if it is visible, even if the user can see non-visible threadmark indexes
  • For fourms which require a threadmark/threadmark index or embed a threadmark index into threads
    • Allow sorting forums by last threadmark date
    • Allow sorting forums by watcher count
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  • Work-around case where threads with only non-visible threadmarks do not show delete/moderated placeholders
  • Adjust flood timer for editing threadmark indexes
  • Attempt to prevent duplicate entry exceptions when adding threadmarks, includes adding a small flood timer and additional row locking.
  • Fix that non-visible threadmarks could potentially add css marking posts as having a threadmark
    • Triggers a rebuild of threads/conversations to correct cached configuration
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  • Fix unexpected N+1 queries when embedding the threadmark index into thread
  • Fix using threadmark username for the post username in news feed
  • Fix incorrect threadmark category rss link generation
  • If the user can edit/add an icon, add a quick link rather than requiring going through editing the threadmark index
  • Display watch count and 'recent' reader counts, display is controller by new style properties ("Show watch count" and "Show recent reader count") and recentcy by the new "Recent reader cut-off" option
  • Add "xf-rebuild:missing-threadmark-index" command to bulk-add threadmark indexes to threads without them in a given forum
  • Compatibility tweak for Collaborative threads
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