Threadmarks Pro

Threadmarks Pro 2.15.5

No permission to buy ($40.00)
I use Threadmarks Pro on a large site with over 20 million posts. For over a year it's given me no problems. Users love it, because it allows people to keep track of the most meaningful posts in a thread even when it's filled with lots of chatter. Often used for threads of 10,000+ posts.
A very useful addition that allows you to mark a topic with important messages, hold events and more. Plus, there is the generation of RSS feeds and switching labels within the topic.
Upgrades to the core XF mean most functionality required is built in for me however this is the one essential add-on for our forum that is indispensable. I'm the user that's been submitting the bug reports for upgrading from XF1 v1.3.x (if it ain't broke don't fixit :) ) So as you can see the response and support to get this working has been brilliant. Thoroughly recommended.
Due to the unique nature of my forum, this has become a huge stable in the feature set I provide my users. I see this being useful for many other genres of forums as well as an excellent method of organizing threads together.
Very useful for our forums with highly active creative writing sections. Also valuable for highlighting staff posts. Indispensable for both users and staff now.
This is exactly what I need, very useful. It would be better if have an option that allows showing the lastest threadmark on the thread list. Thank you Xon for a nice addon.