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Standard Library by Xon 1.15.2

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  • Fix join index hint support.
    • Fix XF2.2.11 and before error: Undefined array key "indexHints".
    • Fix XF2.212+ index hints not applying as expected in some cases.
  • XF 2.2.12 compatibility fix
  • Add join index hint support to SqlJointTrait (requires XF2.2.12+)
  • Add controller plugin 'SV\StandardLib\ControllerPlugin\Delete' a plugin helper for implementing soft/hard/undeleting of content
  • Update bundled moment.js library
  • php 8.2 compatibility update
  • If using the Svg Template addon, update to SVG Template 2.4.5 or rendering SVGs to PNGs will stop working
  • Add a work-around for horribly not recommended add-on updating process.
    • Deleting an addon's files while the add-on is active will very likely break your site.
  • Add is_toggle_set template function and toggle-storage-ex backend for the XF toggle JS.
    The stock is_toggled does not allow setting the default value, while is_toggle_set does.
  • Example of a default collapsed node-list:
    <xf:js src="sv/lib/storage.js" addon="SV/StandardLib" min="1" />
    <xf:set var="$isActive" value="{{ is_toggle_set($forum.node_id, false, 'node-toggle') ? ' is-active' : '' }}"/>
    <div class="block block--collapsible-child-nodes">
        <div class="block-container">
            <h3 class="block-minorHeader collapseTrigger collapseTrigger--block {$isActive} "
                data-target=".block--collapsible-child-nodes .block-body"
                >{{ phrase('sub_forums') }}</h3>
    <div class="block-body toggleTarget {$isActive}">
  • Avoid duplicate some join expressions multiple times when using optimized list query add-on
  • XF2.2.10 compat fix for "view template modifications" link not rendering
  • Move quick_filter template/js which dynamically updates body/pagenav in an overlay from SV/WhoReplied into SV/StandardLib
    • See Who Replied v2.2.0+ or User Mention Improvements v2.8.0+ for examples of usage
  • Fix type-error when a collection is passed to the removeValue templater filter function