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Standard Library by Xon 1.18.4

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  • Fix accidental hard XF2.2 requirement. Take #2
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  • Fix accidental hard XF2.2 requirement
Note; The 1.18.x branch will be the last branch to support XenForo 2.1.x
  • Deprecate getContentPermissions function, as the 2nd string argument was not actually used, with a replacement function getPerContentPermissions added.
  • Add \SV\StandardLib\Helper::isAddOnActive() helper function. Similar to \XF::isAddonActive(), except it understands version strings
  • Shim template funciton is_addon_active code to understand version strings
  • Add support for addon.json 'require'/'require-soft' to support addon version strings instead of the addon version_id.
    Uses version_compare under the hood after some very basic standardization.

    php version strings support dotted versions, '1.2.3' and also each part may also support special character strings:
    any string not found in this list < dev < alpha = a < beta = b < RC | Release Candidate = rc < # < patch level | pl = p.
Thanks to @NamePros for sponsoring this update
  • Add "patch_route_build_callback" code event, used to manipulate the router state during construction.
  • Add input filter option "empty-str-to-null". Example usage for developers:
    $foo = $this->filter('bar', '?uint,empty-str-to-null');
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  • Fix caching global permissions was broken (Impacts Can Warn Staff & User Essentials, but depends heavily on content if this bug was triggered)
  • Add helper repository for manipulating permissions.
    Will be used by a number of upcoming updates for various add-ons.
  • Fix join index hint support.
    • Fix XF2.2.11 and before error: Undefined array key "indexHints".
    • Fix XF2.212+ index hints not applying as expected in some cases.
  • XF 2.2.12 compatibility fix
  • Add join index hint support to SqlJointTrait (requires XF2.2.12+)
  • Add controller plugin 'SV\StandardLib\ControllerPlugin\Delete' a plugin helper for implementing soft/hard/undeleting of content
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