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Standard Library by Xon 1.9.0

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  • Add helper method for generating alias'ed classes to correctly support resolveExtendedClassToRoot function (used in controllers & entities)
  • When the installer is renaming things (phrases/options/etc), disable development file output as it can cause unexpected upgrade failures when the board is in dev mode
  • Fix typo in function name causing a templater error.
  • Add "replacevalue" templete filter used in a number of add-ons for implementing multi-select filter support
  • Add php 7 type hinting to various methods. Warning: this is a breaking change which cause site-disabling errors with older versions of the following add-ons;
  • Additional 3rd party add-ons may have conflicts, and they will require updating or rolling back this add-on. This add-on is a drop-in replacement after updating the namespace being imported