Collaborative Threads

Collaborative Threads 2.11.0

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • If installed, recommend Thread reply ban teeth 2.9.3+ to avoid unexpected interactions with banned users and collaboration feature
  • Fix 'can warn' permission did not function as expected for moderators who where collaborators, most noticeable when the "always collaborate" permission is granted
  • Fix deleting own posts in a collaborative thread could fail
  • Fix thread collaboration didn't work for threads started by deleted/guest users
  • Do not leak a thread exists if collaboration isn't permitted for threads/collaborate route
  • Rework "Permissions requiring explicit sharing" to always apply to known per-thread aspected permissions, these permissions are not selectable/deselectable from this option
  • Setup specific addons permission sharing defaults when they are installed, recommend using "reset to defaults" on the "Shared permissions" option
  • Add "reset to defaults" option for Shared permissions/Permissions requiring explicit sharing
  • Add warning banner to thread collaboration page for a thread when the thread creator is in a state which could result in unexpected lose of functionality
  • Code cleanup removing leftover XF2.1 workarounds
  • Fix redundant additional join when Forum reply ban by Xon add-on is installed
  • Fix incorrectly changing XF/FindNew/Thread::applyFilters visibility
  • Fix determing the maximum allowed collaborators in a thread was repeatedly computed
  • Fix Vote Tally support, where a collaborator not being able to close their own scheduled votes
  • Thread collaboration management page changes
    • Allow collaborators to see the thread collaboration page
    • Allow thread starter to view the collaboration page if they can not start a collaborative thread but they are participating in a collaborative thread with other collaborators
    • Correctly display if no more users can be added to a collaborative thread
  • Fix possible undefined index when development mode is enabled
  • Slightly reduce overhead of "is collaborator" checks
  • Fix support for User Essentials permissions: "[UserEss] Warn posts in own thread" and "[UserEss] Lock / unlock own thread"
  • Support Forum reply-ban by Xon add-on (paid)
  • Move thread analyze feature to Permission Improvements add-on
    • Valid licence holders have had a 2 month extension applied to their licence
    • 50% off sale for Permission Improvements until the 19th of October 2023
  • If installed, require User Essentials v4.3.0+
  • If installed, require Post Friction v2.9.0+
  • Support User Essentials v4.3.0+ & Post Friction v2.9.0+ "[UserEss] Edit post friction options in own thread" permission changes
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Fix possible type error when editing a threads collaborators
  • Fix error when view a thread's collaboration settings which contain a deleted user
  • Support for upcoming content tagging related add-on.
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