Collaborative Threads

Collaborative Threads 2.7.4

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  • Fix preview when 'always collaborate' is enabled when posting new threads
  • Fix cases where the "Allow edits from collaborators" checkbox didn't show despite collaboration allowing editing of that post
  • If a thread has collaborators, allow a thread starter who does not have permission to start a collaborative thread to mark their posts as editable by collaborators.
  • Threadmark v2.6.0+ support
  • Fix preview when 'always collaborate' is enabled when posting new threads
  • Add dedicated push templates (rather than re-use alert templates)
  • Properly respect the Add/remove collaborators alert options
  • Fix php 7.4+ warning about Threadmark's canViewRecentThreadmarksList not matching expected argument lists
  • Fix moderator log not recording added/removed usernames
MariaDB MDEV-21377 (exact ticket may vary) has known performance issues. This can me migrated by setting optimizer_use_condition_selectivity=1 in the server's config

If poor performance with occurs with MySQL 8+ (or MariaDB without the above configuration change), please use Optimized List Queries v2.3.0 with the "Better Thread List Page Threshold" option set to 0.

This will inject a work-around which should migrate the poor query performance until this add-on can be restructured to avoid that query
  • Fix adding attachments to existing posts when user is a collaborator for the thread but not the thread starter
  • Improve User Essentials support for 'thread starter permissions' (recommend v3.4.2+)
  • Require XenForo 2.1+
  • Update with post-install configuration instructions
  • Add options icon
  • Add option to disable 'thread starter alerts' integration for "always collaborate" permission
  • Add collaborative post edit option during replies (more options) and on new threads
  • Allow viewing of the per-post "Allow edits from collaborators" option for existing collaborative posts when the thread starter can no longer manage collaborative threads
  • Allow setting per-post "Allow edits from collaborators" option before thread collaborators are added
  • Fix error deleting ad-hoc per-thread groups that still has members
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