Collaborative Threads

Collaborative Threads 2.3.4

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  • XF2.1 support
  • Allow collaborators of the 'first thread' to edit an attached threadmark index
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Fix issue where error message is suppressed when using collaborative threads
  • Ensure when edit history is disabled it stays disabled with the svCollaborativeHistory option set
  • Fix "Call to a member function isCollaborator() on integer" when deleting a forum
  • Fix inconsistent permission evaluation due to unexpected cache clearing (resulting in a viewer not being considered a collaborator in some contexts).
Bugfix update
  • Fix for "in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given"
  • Remove usage deprecated array_column wrapper function
  • Split collaborative threads moderator permissions into separate interface group
  • New option; 'Special "All" group shares the implicit "Manage Collaborative Threads" permission for a collaborative thread' (enabled by default)
  • Fix a memory leak when running from a long running process (effects User Essential's mention tracking rebuild)
  • Update installer code
  • Fix hard deleting threads
  • Allow users with "manage any thread" to always be able to add users & groups
  • Support for Attachment Improvements per-forum size/count permissions
  • Thread Starter Alerts integration
  • Add 'Always Collaborate' permission, respects the "Participate in collaborative threads" permission
    • If a user is added as a collaborative user, they pickup whatever group they are given. Otherwise defaults to the built-in "All" group.
    • In a forum without "View Others" , the 'Always Collaborate' does not result in all thread's being listed. Non-visible threads are still directly accessible, they just don't appear in the list.
  • Implement "Allow post collaborators to view edit history" option (default disabled)