Collaborative Threads

Collaborative Threads 2.11.1

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • Support for Attachment Improvements per-forum size/count permissions
  • Thread Starter Alerts integration
  • Add 'Always Collaborate' permission, respects the "Participate in collaborative threads" permission
    • If a user is added as a collaborative user, they pickup whatever group they are given. Otherwise defaults to the built-in "All" group.
    • In a forum without "View Others" , the 'Always Collaborate' does not result in all thread's being listed. Non-visible threads are still directly accessible, they just don't appear in the list.
  • Implement "Allow post collaborators to view edit history" option (default disabled)
  • Support Threadmark Index permissions (Require Threadmarks v2.0.1)
  • Avoid N+1 query behaviour if the post's user isn't loaded
  • Support for Threadmarks for XF2
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