Report Improvements by Xon

Report Improvements by Xon 2.12.2

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  • Fix out of date add-on option phrase
  • Fix reporting users from the approval queue
  • Work-around for buggy report data when indexing reports
  • Add 'report' button to items in the approval queue which support reports
  • Add report filtering options to the approval queue
    • No longer includes reported content by default
    • Add filter for whether to include reported content, with option to save a filter set as default
  • Add a 'load more' button to the approval queue
  • Fix "Method canResolveLinkedReport is not callable on the given object" error when Warning Improvements is not installed when issuing a warning
  • Fix function type error when viewing reports if Report Centre Essentials add-on is not installed or when other add-ons may modify the comments list.
  • Require XenForo 2.2+
  • Migrate xf_report_comment.ip_id column to 64bit integer to support the xf_ip.ip_id column being 64bit in a future update
    • Strongly recommend 64bit php!
  • php 8.2 compat fixes
  • Fix issue when issuing a warning which would result in the warning details to not be populated on selecting a warning type
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  • Fix that "resolve report" checkbox could be shown to users who can't resolve reports when issuing warnings
  • Do not log new report comments as 'edits' into the moderator log
    • Prune moderation log of incorrect 'edit' entries
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  • Fixes for discovering non-moderators that can be assigned to reports
    • Support Report Center Essentials per report queues permissions
    • Prevent catastrophically bad performance when the site has a very large number of users