Report Improvements by Xon

Report Improvements by Xon 2.4.4

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Q. How are the new permissions setup by default
A. It setups up defaults based on how XenForo implicitly operates. The map is:
  • View User Report
    • Warn/Edit Basic Profile
  • View Post Report
    • Edit Any Post OR Delete Any Post for a user/group/forum
  • View ProfilePost Report
    • Warn/Edit Any/Delete An
  • View Conversation Report
    • Always Invite/Edit Any Post(in conversation)
Q. What options are there for configuring how report comments alerts are sent?
A. Configurable how report comments alerts are sent to moderators:
  1. Alert all moderators.
  2. Alert watchers on reply and all moderators for new alerts.
  3. Alert watchers on reply (Default).