Report Improvements by Xon

Report Improvements by Xon 2.16.3

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I cannot rate Xon highly enough. He's helpful and knowledgeable, and understands Xenforo on a very deep level.
The only thing better than Xon's plugins is his service...had an issue with a recent release and he solved it promptly. SO glad I can rely on so many of his free and paid resources!!
I'm using this since 1.5. Recently i've had a small problem and Xon helped me out within a second. Awesome support, very friendly and reliable!!! Thank you!
I've used this for over a year on a large forum with over 20 million posts. It's been working with no problems. My moderators really like the features which make reports much easier to keep track of, especially the ability to assign reports to other mods.
Another great addon by Xon - thanks! Especially like the "Assign report" feature, as it prevents confusion and redundancy.
Another great add-on from Xon.
This one makes Reports so much easier to handle and track, which in turn leads to making them simpler to resolve. You can see when another moderator is dealing with things, get updates on comments etc without having to go and look at the Report Center, just in case there's been a change.

Xon is also very diligent on bug reports and support, turning round fixes very quickly.
An excellent add-on which adds more features to the reporting system in XF2. The quality of add-ons and support offered by Xon is top-notch. Thanks!
Big thanks for this add-on. We really appreciate the improved functionality of the reports center. This is a must have add-on for our site and probably yours (unless you do no moderation).
We commissioned Xon for many of these features, and he continues to add more functionality. At this point our forums could not function without it. It is a substantial improvement for managing reports. From delegating more granular permissions to significantly improved logging in various forms it has greatly improved moderation efficiency and accuracy.
Xon continues to extend XF in practical ways that make you wonder why he's not hired. This addon is no exception. One thing that has always lacked in the reports is better searching. It's baffling to me you can only search by report username. So many more parameters are useful for searching for. Thanks!!
A must-have add-on that improves on various essentials in which Xenforo lacks. The ability to search through reports and auto-create report threads is a big plus on our forums.

The support and response time on questions/errors/fixes are outstanding.
Would definitely recommend anyone to use this add-on (or any of Xon's improvements add-ons).
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