Search Improvements

Search Improvements 2.14.0

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  • Add "Push thread prefix text into search" option (default true)
    • Supports ElasticSearch Essential's autocomplete
    • Requires manual rebuild of threads on changing this option
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Reactions: VBX Co and TAIFUN
  • Fix guests searching by user would restart the search query the first time they tried to visit the a different page of the search results
  • Requires StandardLib v1.19.0+
  • If installed, requires Redis Cache 2.17.0+
  • XF2.3 compatibility update
  • php 8.4 compatibility fix
  • Require StandardLib v1.19.0+
  • Code cleanup
  • Add getSearchIdFromEntityId() helper method for transforming an XF entity id into the Elasticsearch index id
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Reactions: VBX Co and TAIFUN
  • Workaround XF2.2.13 does the search before checking it it can save it as a cached value, which can result in a query that is massively more complex than expected being sent to elasticsearch
    • This issue practically doesn't occur with stock XFES, but with additional search addons such as ElasticSearch Essentials this can generate unexpected errors
  • Support tag/username autocomplete using XFES add-ons todo prefix matching on autocomplete
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Reactions: TAIFUN and VBX Co
  • Fix viewing the index list could be blocked when elasticsearch is configured but inaccessible
  • Improve phrasing of custom search term on the advanced search page.
    • Change the phrase 'search only x' to 'search x only' to match XenForo.
    • Supports arbitrary phrases for 'search x only' by adding the phrase svSearchImprov_search_container.x where x is the content type. Ships with the current customizations:
      • svSearchImprov_search_container.thread: "Search titles and first posts only"
      • svSearchImprov_search_container.conversation: "Search titles and first messages only"
  • During upgrades, fix " Access to undeclared static property " error.
  • Do not show the "Tags will be searched" tooltip as part of "Search titles only" in advanced search for content types which do not implement tagging
Thanks for @NamePros for funding this update.
  • Improve how thread/tickets by others in a category without view-other permission are filtered out of search results when using XFES without ElasticSearch Essentials
  • Add PermissionConstraint helper class, designed to simplify implementing XF Search handler's getTypePermissionConstraints function
  • Add "Collect search DSL & debug statistics" option (Default off), designed as a developer tool and strongly not recommended for production usage.
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