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Aggregating Forums 2.7.4

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  • Fix "Call to a member function traverse() on null" error when Link Forum Proxy add-on is enabled in some cases.
  • Fix that the "all" forum aggregation view would not always include some link-forum nodes when "Proxy Link Forums" add-on is installed
  • Massively simplify User::isNodeAggregated and is now a wrapper on Node::isAggregated, now only functions in the XF\Pub\Controller\Forum\actionForum context. It now correctly detects and handlings proxy link-forum add-on which requires the context to correctly mark child-forums as aggregated without iterating the node-tree for every isNodeAggregated call
  • Fix incorrectly aggregating sort options of child nodes
  • Fix the selected prefix wasn't displayed when openning the filter menu
  • Add helper function ($xf.visitor.isNodeAggregated($node)) intended for template usage
  • Compatibility fix for '[OzzModz] Advanced Forms'
  • Fix typo in XF version required text string
  • Fix Proxy Link Forum support did not always consider destination view checks before culling non-visible forums to include in aggregation. Thread view checks where still applied.
  • Fix aggregatable forums would not always be considered for quick search or via the "Search sub-forums as well" feature
    • This is a partial work-around for the XF bug where "Display in the node list" as false on the parent forum would prevent child-forums being searchable in all cases
  • Compatibility fix for AL\ThreadFilter
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  • Fix Forum RSS support
  • Fix "[E_WARNING] Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" in some forums
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  • Significant refactoring of add-on's internals, including Proxy Link Forum add-on support
  • Fix possible "Trying to get property 'node_id' of non-object" when applying a node filter to an forum
  • Fix default aggregation settings would add unrequired information the pagenav url's
  • Fix multiple proxy link forums would be displayed and possibly used
  • Fix "Aggregate forums that are not displayed in the node list" option
    • Now displays in aggregation options
    • Now displays in forum view filters
  • Initial support for XF2.2 forum/thread types
    • Add thread type filtering when aggregating forums
  • Add option "Allow managing all aggregated forums" for forums with very large node list
  • Add option "Aggregating sticky threads" replacing "Include sticky threads when aggregating forums".
    Supported values;
    • None
    • As sticky
    • As normal
Known bugs:
  • Filtering by prefixes which only exist in child forums unexpectedly fails
  • XF2.2 Article thread types (and possibly other thread types) do not show the source forum
  • Fix that selecting aggregatable forums that the user's options did not aggregate to a filter selection did not work
  • Fix "Enforce aggregation permission for temporary filters" option not applying on raw URL manipulation
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