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  1. S

    Start a forum in year 2017? Are you crazy?!

    Well guys. With facebook and other social networks going around, i wondering how creating a forum in year 2017 will work. Is it still possible to succeed with a brand new forum? Do people still use forums often? :)
  2. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Globally hide forums/nodes from Latest Posts/Recent Posts?

    Hi, I've searched but couldn't find info on this. How can I exclude a forum/node from showing up in the Latest Posts/Recent Posts? We'd lke to exclude a "political" forum from these. No need for it. Thanks!
  3. AE Dev

    XF 1.5 Thread List Into Forum List . (Space Issue )

    Hello everyone, I Put thread_list_item code in my forum list. (Main Page) . Now i want to fix some issue on thread list. 1. How to remove space on here? - https://i.imgur.com/DBBqRM3.png (Screenshot) I hope good answer from you! Thank you. !
  4. whitesky

    Anyone want to help convince me not to build a Wordpress gaming site?

    So I'm looking for some thoughts and opinions from site admins or developers, and what you think of platforms like Xenforo vs Wordpress. We want to create a gaming league/tournament community that is Playstation-focused, with team memberships, contests, season tournaments and fun challenges. We...
  5. fahad ashraf

    Member Activity 1.1.1

    Member Activity: This addon provide feature of a user to monitor other user's activity base upon user's group permission Feature: It contains 4 block that is Block of member who have visited your site in last x days Block of member who have posted your site in last x days Block of member on...
  6. CNK

    XF 1.4 Additional HTML below forum description?

    Hello, There is any addon I could set up additional HTML text below forum desciption, here: I would like to put my HTML code, but specific only for selected categories/forums :) Regards!
  7. Dadparvar

    [HA] Categories Slider 1.1.2

    Hi, With this add-on you can easily add slider to each category of forums in your xenforo. Each category can be fully customize too. (as a live demo, I added slider to one of categories on xen-pro) Main Features: Options Maximum Number of Images per Slide Images of the past X days Activate...
  8. Z61

    Minimum Thread Title Length

    Allows administrators to set or disable a thread title length minimum requirement on a per-forum basis as seen below. If the user (of any rank) inputs a title less than the value given, an error will be shown.
  9. WhoIsDo

    Mass Effect Andromeda Forums - www.MassEffectForum.com

    Mass Effect Andromeda Forums - www.MassEffectForum.com If there's a game franchise that I'd ever list as my favorite, it would have to be Mass Effect. I've taken time off of work & school to power through each story, and I couldn't be more excited for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda on...
  10. mobilephone2003

    XF 1.4 Moving forums/ to root /

    I checked up on a few threads about moving xenforo to the root directory. "Just move the files and change the Index Page Route" Easy, I thought. Changed the files, changed the Page Route to portal/ as we use one. Now, the portal loads as normal, go to click forums.... goes back to the...
  11. garry420

    XF 1.4 How create forum in wordpress website?

    Please guide me on how to How create forum in wordpress website ? i want my forum to be http://www.healthwhoop.com/forum/ I just logged in cpanel , now i don't know where to create folder(named forum) i.e. directory.. Thanks
  12. S

    Per-Forum Pagination Settings 1.0.2

    This addon allows the administrator of a xenForo forum to set their pagination preferences on a forum by forum basis. It is an extremely simple addon. After installing the addon, a new field will appear in the forum add/edit form. By default, this field is set to 0, meaning that the global...
  13. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Watch Forums After Registration 2.0.0

    [TH] Watch Forums After Registration - Increase user activity and engage your members Description This add-on allows users to immediately subscribe to various forums upon registration. This add-on offers a huge amount of options to customize what forums show up to new users, and even lets...
  14. Maher Abdallah

    The Video Gamers

    TVG is a new forum that just officially released today. It's a general gaming discussion community that focuses on attracting gamers internationally to discuss the games they love to play. http://thevideogamers.com/ I would love to hear your feedback and advice on the community. And please...
  15. ardodd

    Other Help !!! No Knowledge about Forums or cPanel

    I am in dire need of someone to help me figure out what i did and what i need to do to make the Xenforo Forum software work. I had a friend that was helping me but he got busy and I bought the Paid version of Xenforo. Now I tried to upload it through FTP and cPanel. Now I have so much junk...
  16. Senpai

    Addon's For Gaming Forum

    Hey XF members can you guys recommend me some good Addon's for my gaming forum
  17. ARad

    YoutubeCenter.net [Feedback + Suggestions]

    Hey there! I'm currently making a forum called YoutubeCenter.net, it will be a place where people from all communities will come together and talk about things youtube specific and general related. Feel free to make an account here and give me critique - http://youtubecenter.net/
  18. XFA

    [XFA] Forum Logo 1.3.1

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Allows you to customize a bit more your forums by adding logos Features Allowed Logo File Extensions Maximum Logo Image Dimensions Maximum Attachment File Size (KB) Logo position: To the right of title To the left of title Logo position in forum...
  19. K

    Add-on App Developer for my Xenforo

    I need one or more app developer (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) for a stable and continuously collaboration, oriented to develop app for my xenforo's community. I can give you features and add-on to develop till 2000-2500 € monthly. Let me know if you are interested
  20. XFA

    [XFA] Forum Sales 1.5.0

    Description Have you ever searched for a simple sale solution allowing your user to sell their stuff directly from the forums ? Forum Sales is the solution ! Through a few additional fields to fill-in upon thread creation or edit, your users can start selling their stuff through threads using...