1. Sim

    Beta What's New Digest 4.0.0a

    This XenForo 2.0 addon sends a daily or weekly email to users with a list of top new threads and top updated threads. Configuration settings: A test tool is included to validate settings and to send test emails: Users can set their preferred email delivery period, daily or weekly (or...
  2. X

    Aggregating Forums 1.2.2

    Allows viewing threads from sub-forums in the parent forum. Admin's Opt-in a forum (by default or make it available), and users can then opt-out depending on if they have the permission. New Thread in the parent forum prompts the user to post in a child forum (if they are allowed) even if...
  3. Apodictive

    Show all child forum threads in parent forum?

    I want to have all threads created in the child forums be shown in the parent forum below the below the child forum nodes. Basically an aggregate of all child forums showing in their parent forum. If it is possible (but not required), I don't want people posting in the actual parent forum...
  4. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] Forum Digest 1.1.7c

    [TH] Forum Digest - Allow users to view forums in a digest style Description This add-on is now opensource. The reason for this is because most of the feature suggests that have come in don't fit within the products functionality that it is based on. This add-on adds a 'Forum...
  5. Stuart Wright

    Solve problem of overly complex forum structure and users not finding the right forum

    The reasons for creating a new subforum are 1) it is needed because the parent forum is being swamped with threads on a specific topic 2) Having a forum for a particular topic can attract traffic. Both those people visiting the forum and from search engines. We've ended up with hundreds at...