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Aggregating Forums 2.7.4

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  • Fix error for forums without any child forums when a filter is applied
  • Add options icon
  • Do not force the "post thread" button to display on forums a user can not post in or post in any children with aggregation enabled.
  • Add own option grouping for aggregating forum global options
  • Minor compatibility tweak for execution order of template modifications and class extensions
  • Fix that if a child forum does not grant a viewing user the "View threads by others" permission, and it is aggregated into a parent forum which does, results in title/last post/etc information for threads (from the child forum) being unexpectedly disclosed.
    • This only applies if the child forum is visible to the user
    • This affects all version of the XF2 version of this add-on before 2.2.1
  • Fix compatibility with Collaborative Threads if the aggregated child forum lacks the "View threads by others" but the viewing user would not see threads that they are a collaborator on.
  • Integrate with XF2 forum filters. Aggregated forums are listed as a filter, which is applied by default.
    • Note; filters are OR with the implicit current forum also being valid.
  • Fix that the 'post thread' selector could return an empty list for aggregated forums
  • Compatibility fix when extending javascript
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  • Add "List forum in thread view " option, controls when the forum link is injected;
    • Default value of "On aggregated child forums only"
  • Add "Include sticky threads when aggregating forums" option
  • Remove legacy XF1 template modification & minor code cleanup
  • Confirm compatibility with XF2.1
  • Update installer & minor code styling maintenance
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