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Aggregating Forums 2.7.4

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  • Do not apply child-forum default ordering when it is aggregated into a parent forum
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  • Extend forum aggregation code to support per-forum RSS feeds (default aggregation for a user/guest)
  • Fix forum name now showing in thread-list for aggregated forums in XF2.2
  • Fix temporary forum aggregation filters not working
  • Fix "Aggregate forums that are not displayed in the node list" option not working as expected
  • Fix "Trying to get property 'sv_aggregate_allowed' of non-object" when handling a forum without a node
  • Add "Filterable aggregating forums" option to control integration into forum filtering feature
  • Fix forum filter not selecting prefixes as expected (Include missing minified javascript file)
  • Require XF2.1+
  • Add "Enforce aggregation permission for temporary filters" option
  • Add support for Proxy Link Forum add-on when selecting "post thread" from a forum
  • For forum filters, populate prefix field when the aggregatable forum set changes. Add a 'none' option for the forums to include
  • Fix 'Proxy Link Forum' add-on integration
  • Do not change-log aggregated node list
  • Fix error when a user tries to open the choose forum overlay to post when they do not have permission
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