User Essentials

User Essentials 3.3.1

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  • Fix attachment rendering not working as expected in Latest Activity tab
  • Rework "Hide online status" feature to cooperate with "Can Warn Staff" add-on (v2.0.8+ or later) to reduce number of queries required when viewing threads.
    • Now requires Can Warn Staff v2.0.8+ if installed.
    • Some pages may still have multiple queries per unique permission combination.
  • Add feature flag to disable the "[UserEss] Hide online status" permission, completely removing the need to query for other user's permissions.
  • Add missing legacy useress_payment_callback script for older XF1.x migrations
  • Fix that alert opt-out's to ignore approval alerts for other users could be offered to normal users
  • Fix issue where editing a user via the admincp would reset their 'view activity' privacy options.
  • On profile page, fix N+1 query behaviour when "Display mini-avatars" is enabled
  • Ensure "Display mini-avatars" works with "view previous comments..." link on profile page.
  • Always log user note even if moderation of the username change doesn't happen
  • Fix link to username details on front-end side
  • Fix moderators not being able to see username change details and some list of usernames
  • Fix blank page when editing a user via admincp in XF2.1.1
  • Fix admincp username change list working as expected when an admin does not have the front-end "manage usernames" permission
  • Fix Reactions Given tab summary & page links
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