User Essentials

User Essentials 4.5.0

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  • Require StandardLib v1.21.1+
  • Compatibility fix for XF2.3 & planned XF2.2.16 changes
  • Fix "reactions given" page would show 'you received no reactions' message if no reactions given where to be displayed
  • Fix "reactions given" page would redirect to "reactions received" page on an invalid page number for reactions given
  • Add "User requested username changes are private by default" option (default false)
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  • Fix Display mini-avatars option would error
  • Require StandardLib v1.20.0+
  • php 8.4+ compatibility
  • XF2.3 compatibility
  • Fix "Minimum time between self-disable requests" option would display the last requested account disable attempt date instead of when they can actually disable their account
  • Fix editing resource updates and media gallary items could XRRM/XFMG would log: [E_WARNING] Undefined array key "quote"
  • Fix posting a XFRM update with only a new version and without update title/message would error
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  • Fix error when using custom poll types
  • Fix editing a "Thread starter permissions: Delete any post" for a thread would not display the value it had been set to
  • Add missing breadcrumb to tag edit UI for members, and cancelling a username change request
  • Fix disabled users that are marked as deleted are rendered on a user's ignore list as an empty use
  • When disabled users are marked as deleted, force unignore of that user to free up the ignore slot
  • Require php 7.2+
  • Require Standard Library by Xon v1.18.0+
  • If installed, require Post Friction v2.9.0+
  • Fix the "Disable user" form on a user profile in the admincp did not respect the "remove avatar" or "remove profile banner" selection
  • Support cancelling a username change request
  • Show action-date & IP associated with a username changelog entry
  • Rework "[UserEss] Edit post friction options in own thread" permission to only showing/editing "Moderate replies" and "Only allow a single moderated reply" post friction options if the user has the "Edit post friction options" permission
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  • Fix merging a user with a self-disable request doesn't move that self-disable request to the surviving account
  • Fix deleting a user would not remove that user's self-disable records
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