User Essentials

User Essentials 4.0.7

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  • Add "Username changes require a user note" option (default disabled)
  • Add permission "[UserEss] Delete poll in own thread"
  • Add permission "[UserEss] Warn posts in own thread", with per-thread option to disable this permission, requires Warning Improvements!
  • Add per-thread option to disable permission the edit/delete posts in own thread permissions
  • Fix admincp "previous usernames" including non-approved usernames in the short list
  • Compatibility fix for "Username change" add-on
  • Fix "Always log moderator actions" not capturing all moderator-like changes
  • Ensure rejected username changes do not count for a user's username changes
  • Minor UI fixes around viewing/saving a username change entry's privacy setting
  • Always allow admins with permission to edit a user in the admincp to change the privacy option for a username change
  • Fix redirect on editing a UNC for a user
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  • Fix "[UserEss] Delete posts in own thread" not respecting edit/delete post time limit, and if the forum disables posting.
  • Add "Edit/Delete posts in own thread permissions respect time limit permission" option
  • Expose all username change records under admincp logs\username-change
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  • Fix username changes showing a moderator/date when the request is auto-approved without intervention
  • Extend admin user search
    • Search by custom title, location, website, about, signature
  • Extend admin batch user update
    • Spam clean action
    • Remove custom titles
    • Remove locations
    • Remove About sections
  • Add "[UserEss] Edit any thread" permission
  • Add "Require password verification for username changes" option
  • Add option "Always log moderator actions" (default enabled) to force moderator actions to be logged even for non-moderators
  • Extend User Logging to cover profile posts/profile post comments
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  • Fix potential error when viewing a user's profile page ([E_WARNING] array_push() expects at least 2 parameters, 1 given in)
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  • Fix that "Thread starter permissions" block would not have the correct defaults initialized when a user with unlock/lock own thread starts a new thread
  • Thread starter permissions changes;
    • Add admincp option for various thread starter permissions defaults
    • Add option "Block users unlocking their own thread that was locked by a moderator"
    • Rework unlock thread starter logic; When a thread is locked by a moderator, the (new) "locked by user" UI toggle is set and "unlock thread" is no longer changed.