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XF1 Version

Q. The "messages per page" custom fields (useress_messagesPerPage/useress_threadsPerPage) are usable by anyone.
A. Use the Custom Field Permissions add-on to restrict who can use them.

Q. Deleting a custom field does not remove data
A. This is "as designed" behaviour.

To purge custom fields which have been deleted;

delete from xf_user_field_value
where field_id not in (select field_id from xf_user_field);

Q. When upgrading from XF1, what versions are supported?
A. v2.0.7+, for earlier versions please open a ticket so an upgrade path can be advised.

Q. Renames are slow
A. Try adding indexes to the following tables;
alter table xf_thread add index last_post_user_id  (last_post_user_id);
alter table xf_report add index last_modified_user_id (last_modified_user_id);
alter table xf_warning  add index warning_user_id (warning_user_id );
alter table xf_spam_cleaner_log add index applying_user_id (applying_user_id );
alter table xf_spam_cleaner_log add index user_id (user_id );

Q. Likes Given page is very slow.
A. Try adding the index:
ALTER TABLE `xf_liked_content` ADD INDEX `user_like_date` (`like_user_id` ASC, `like_date` DESC);
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