User Essentials

User Essentials 4.5.0

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  • Fix "Exception: Email to XXX failed setup: Trying to send email to user without email " when disabling a user and wiping email
  • php 8.2 compatibility update
  • Remove duplicate 'completion date' from adminui for self-disable record
  • Add missing phrase (svUserEss_self_disabled_email_ban_reason)
  • Fix error when emailing a disabled user thier account has been disabled when the email was wiped
  • Fix reminder emails using the wrong delay figure
  • Change user self-disable admin log entry to show additional date timestamps.
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  • Fix incorrect self-disable date being reported when a user views the form to cancel their self-disable request.
  • Improve compatibility support of the 'disable user' feature.
    • Update Password Tools add-on compatibility tweak
    • Fix deleting custom fields where set to blank instead of removed, which caused compatibility issues.
    • Compatibility fix for 'display disabled user as deleted' feature with 3rd party add-ons
  • Fix banning email on self-disable reason not being phrased
  • Fix duplicate username change alert on merging users
  • Fix missing phrase for the 'fake delete' flag
  • Add "Remove avatar" and "Remove profile banner" to self-disable options.
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  • Fix moderator's being unexpectedly notified of username changes when they do not have permission
  • Do not count rejected username changes when applying a limit of username changes in a given period. Set the "Count rejected username changes in period" option to revert to the old behavior
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  • Fix an invalid email and the 'ban email' option from preventing a user being disabled
  • Fix admincp form option "Without the "bypass privacy" permission, the user behaves as if deleted" being ignored
  • Fix errors when disabling a user with deleted profile/privacy rows.
  • Fix "Please enter a valid location" when disabling a user and wiping location
  • Fix 'disable user' button in admincp due to a broken link in the form submit
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