1. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to create static pages/Feature posts?

    I'm using XF 2.0.9 and i want to have something like static pages or the featured slide posts or posts in in the Home page. The forum will be like How can i achieve this? For e.g, XenForo itself. Thanks
  2. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Minimum post length 2.0.2

    This add-on allows to limit the number of characters / words in posts / threads. Features: Options Enable minimum characters Minimum Characters Length Enable minimum words Minimum Words Length UserGroup permissions Can bypass minimum characters length Can bypass minimum words length New...
  3. C

    XF 2.0 XF1 - XF2 Importing only certain data? User / Post Data

    I did an XF2 upgrade the other day. Finally got it to work, but there were too many issues with the database and was causing all kinds of slow downs and other server side issues that I just did a completely fresh install of XF2. Is there a way at all to get the XF1 data for users and posts...
  4. DarkKitarist

    XF 1.5 Post Recount

    Hello, so I have two slight problems I'd like to fix. 1. I'd like to recount the posts for all the users within the forum, excluding some nodes (of which I already know the ID). So do I just write a select that counts and sets the post count? Or is there an easier way as in a plugin or...
  5. x8BiTw0LFx

    XF 1.5 Let guests report posts

    Hi :) Iv'e tried to add the permission for unassigned/unconfirmed users, but the report button won't show up?
  6. J

    XF 1.5 Post IP addresses not imported

    I just migrated from vBulletin 4.2.1 to Xenforo 1.5.11 and for the most part the import seems to have been a success. The only problem, which I have just discovered, is that posts created prior to the import do not seem to have IP addresses associated with them. How would I go about only...
  7. vlom31

    XF 1.5 How to display search results as threads not posts ?

    Hi, Right now when I make a search it gives me a list of posts, so it's often multiple lines referring to differents posts within a same thread... How do I change that behaviour to displaying a list of threads instead ? Mehdi
  8. SneakyDave

    [SolidMean] Message Markenator 1.0.1

    DESCRIPTION The Message Markenator is a companion add-on to the Chat Markenator, giving the ability to mask posts/messages with a replacement character, such as an asterisk. Options exist to choose the replacement character, which buzzwords/keywords shouldn't be masked, and which forums to apply...
  9. Amaury

    Design issue Alerts/Email Notifications Generated When Moderating and Approving Posts

    While trying to see if I could reproduce this, I noticed that I received an email notification after moderating and then approving an old post that I was using for testing. It makes sense when posts automatically go into the moderation queue and you later approve them, but if you're testing...
  10. SneakyDave

    Trying to replace posts/messages when they're rendered

    There are probably a lot of examples like this in the RM, but I can't seem to find any to provide me an example of this. At a basic level, all I want to do is change the content of posts/messages displayed on a page. Not the db values, just as they are rendered. Using the thread view as a...
  11. Crazy-Achmet

    Add-on Extend posts with titles

    Hey everybody, i guess this one is a short and easy one (maybe @AndyB, as i love your Addons?). ;) I'm looking for a developer who could add a title field (text field) for posts. Of course the field should be optional. So if someone adds a title, it will be show above the post. Would be cool...
  12. 1

    XF 1.4 Share buttons per post (how?)

    Hi there, I noticed the little permalink button, standing beside the "like" button in a post. When I click on it, I don't see a "Share this page" area where you have social media icons. First question: how do I enable the "share this page" area? Is it being removed of Xenforo? (PS...
  13. kalco

    [xfCrowd] Hot Threads & Posts 1.0.0 Beta

    Installation: Download Most and unzip it to library. From your Admin Control Panel, go to the "Install Add-on" page. Upload the addon-xfc_hot.xml file. Click the Install Add-on button. Use: Set permission for each user group to show/hide Hot Posts & Threads Thanks for...
  14. P

    Lack of interest Liked Posts on Sidebar

    We need to have a sidebar widget to show the liked posts.
  15. Kintaro

    Lack of interest Random sort posts list

    In same case a random sort post could be useful. one example: a coupon chain thread every one leave a link or their coupon and all get the same probability to be the first on the list maybe other xenforoers will give some more examples
  16. ThemeHouse

    [TH] WikiPosts

    ThemeHouse submitted a new resource: [AD] WikiPosts - Allows threads to be marked as a Wiki Read more about this resource...
  17. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained [TH] WikiPosts 1.0.5

    [TH] WikiPosts - Allow threads to be marked as a Wiki Description This add-on is now opensource. The reason for this is because the support for this add-on is very little. This add-on allows users to mark a thread as a "WikiPost" giving the ability to edit the original post in a...
  18. dutchbb

    Add-on Minimum posts required to enter/post in forum

    I believe this used to be a popular mod on the old vb. If it helps, I can donate $50, and maybe others want to join in.
  19. MR.MB

    XF 1.5 need help for my threads on google (Route Filters)

    HI, I use Route Filters for few days after that i remove it but google get no change for back when i try to remove the filters i see that all the threads on google not come back to normal url i cant access my threads from google now if i remove the filters so anyone can help me what can i do...
  20. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Most Liked Posts 1.0.0 Patch 3

    [TH] Most Liked Posts - Give more exposure to popular posts Description This add-on gives more exposure to liked posts in threads. Features Set posts to be displayed in order of number of likes Provide more exposure to posts that are well-liked by displaying them first View...