XF 1.5 Post Recount


so I have two slight problems I'd like to fix.

1. I'd like to recount the posts for all the users within the forum, excluding some nodes (of which I already know the ID). So do I just write a select that counts and sets the post count? Or is there an easier way as in a plugin or something?

2. Is there a way to make it so that child nodes created within the "Roleplay" parent node inherit the "Posts within this forum don't count towards post total" setting without me having to set that setting every time people create a new roleplay?

Thanks for the help!


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It's set in the node options and has to be done manually for each node.

It's set in the node options and has to be done manually for each node.

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Yes, this I understand. But when I set this whenever a NEW sub-forum within this node is created the "Count messages posted in this forum toward user total" setting is checked, which means it doesn't inherit the setting of the parent node within which the new sub-forum was created...
That's correct - node settings are not inherited.
Ah ok. I thought there is a way to get them to be inherited, because I have a hell of a lot of users creating Roleplaying nodes and other people within the general forum don't like the fact their post count is being increased at a super high rate also the "New Posts" feed is almost 100% of the time all Roleplay :p

Anyway thanks for the help, I'll just set the main Roleplay node to "Moderated" and manually accept and edit each new node created within that node.