XF 2 Setup help - post types, voting, styles


I set up a few XF1 forums back in the early days, but it appears I've forgotten everything and don't have time to relearn, so I'd like to hire someone short-term to help me out with setting up my new project.
I've got XF installed, I now need to set up one subforum that specifies exactly what format people can post in (a link, an image, some text and an answer from a dropdown menu) and then has an upvote/downvote system. Also looking for some styling help, and any general advice you can give.
If you're interested, let me know your hourly rate. I'd like to go through setting it up together, scaring screens etc.
EDIT: I'm looking to force each post in that subforum to contain exactly one each of, link, image, text and dropdown answer. I imagine that'll need a plugin of some sort. Let me know if no such thing exists, but I'd imagined this can't be the first time this has come up.
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