XF 1.5 Let guests report posts


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Hi :)

Iv'e tried to add the permission for unassigned/unconfirmed users, but the report button won't show up?


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There are certain actions which unregistered members are unable to do as it is hard coded, such as liking content, voting on polls, reporting content, etc.

Tracy Perry

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Have you thought that (letting guests report posts) all the way through. I certainly can see how your moderators/staff will get worn out once users decide to "game" the ability.

Wildcat Media

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Reports are treated similar to threads where the person reporting the post is like a "thread starter." I can't see it working if a report is simply attributed to "guest."

There are also visitors (guests) who may want to harass the staff just by reporting anything and everything. I know on our busier forums, the staff is busy enough dealing with everyday matters. They don't need floods of guest reports coming in.