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  • Hello, I need to migrate this PHP Forum to XenForo

    1. Will users keep their usernames and passwords after migration?
    2. Can you build some kind of staging where I can test migrated forum before going to production?
    3. Will the forum keep all attachements after migration
    4. What things can be lost after migration?
    5. Can you give me an estimated quote for the job?

    Folks, I don't see my profile posts because I don't get email notifications of them. So I apologize for not replying.

    @outplayed, yes, I can migration MyBB to Xenforo.

    To the others, it looks like too much time has probably past, but if you're still needing work please feel free to send me a conversation message. :)
    Im interested to hire you to migrate me mybb forum to xenforo, tell me if is posible before i buy a licence, this´s my email
    Mr. Jinx
    Mr. Jinx
    This is the reason why I hate the profile posts feature. People often mistake it with PM's.
    Disabled on my forum completely.
    Hello, I was referred to you in this thread:

    I'm having issues converting IP4 to XF 2. The XF2 converter will not work with the suggestions I have found so far. I tried converting to 1.5 but during the process much of my forum threads do not covert over. Do you have any suggestions that can help me complete this process? Thanks!
    Hi, I'm requiring assistance from developer to initially migrate from A2 Hosting to......? Then with sorting out my website. Don't know much and need assistance. Please advise.
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