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    Invalid emails should be bounced instead of throwing errors

    That's not within Xenforo's control. The receiving server determines the status code it responds with, not Xenforo.
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    Our Queen 👑 RIP

    For what it's worth, I don't lump myself in with people who are limited to mostly the USA. I have family all over the world, many who originated in the UK and France. Even my primary news is BBC. For me, I often enjoy differences and feel comfortable visiting most places. Though if I have an...
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    Our Queen 👑 RIP

    The USA is huge, and equivalent to dozens of smaller countries geographically, economically and social influence. While someone in Europe is likely to have visited several countries, someone in the USA is likely to have visited several states. Even Mexico, Canada and Caribbean countries aren't...
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    XF 2 Developer or dev team in SoCal?

    I am, and I believe the guys at Snogssite are as well. The USA is a big place, though, and I'm on the other side of the continent. Even if I was close to you, I'm too booked with Xenforo, server and WordPress work to take a couple of hours for lunch.
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    Our Queen 👑 RIP

    What you saw was nonsense clickbait where they cherry pick what they show you. I could interview people on the street and present results that make everyone look like Albert Einstein.
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    vB 3.8 > xF 2.2 migration : 8 months later

    Worth a try but only if you take care of any outstanding issues search console might have listed. It wouldn't hurt to get a Semrush trial account to see if they can point out issues.
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    XF 2.2 SSL Certificate

    I show it's already secure with SSL with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. Most hosting providers have free Let's Encrypt SSL as part of the package.
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    vB 3.8 > xF 2.2 migration : 8 months later

    I can't answer that, but I can say I've seen Google do things like recrawl a URL that's been missing for 10+ years, find the content again (recovered from, and give the page decent rank. They have a long memory!
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    vB 3.8 > xF 2.2 migration : 8 months later

    This can actually be a significant change to content. Google also recommends keeping redirect chains to 3 or less if you want to maintain full page rank.
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    How to redirect the domain to sub-directory?

    Be careful with that redirect and test it. Make sure it's a page for page redirect, and not one that directs everything to the home page. If it does redirect only to the home page, you're going to lose ranking in search engines.
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    Looking for someone to setup and maintain a new Xenforo forum

    Xenforo cloud is a good solution for those who aren't comfortable with installation and upgrades, but throwing out a blanket answer that this will solve the OP's needs overlooks what is meant by maintenance and support. I'd hate to think they make a decision without fully knowing what they are...
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    The more I read the more I like but...
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    Safe migration between vBulletin® to xenforo

    Hello, I've sent you a message in your inbox: Thanks!
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    Who Invented The Internet?

    I don't think you know the difference between the Internet and the web.
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    Who Invented The Internet?

    He didn't make that claim. Those who deliberately misquoted the content for political gain may say so, but that doesn't make it so. What Gore said was he took the initiative to create it, ie, he was one of the voice in higher political circles pushing to get it the political traction it...