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Bookmarks 2.0.4 Beta

No permission to buy ($35.00)
  • Rework alerts after the 2.0.x upgrade broke them
    • Note; this introduces a number of breaking changes to the Bookmark handler interface if you have custom code extending it.
  • Now compatible with Alert Improvements 'mark alerts as viewed when viewing content'
  • Add more information to bookmark display when searching to include bookmarks into posts
    • Tweak CSS for tags dropdown
  • Fix XFRM support
The previous download zip was lacking the Beta 8 version stamp, this has been updated and replaced. No other difference
Likes: eva2000
  • Comptaibility fix for @NixFifty's Gift Upgrades when injecting the bookmark into the public part of a post's controls
  • Under Tools -> Cache rebuild, Rebuild bookmarks now rebuild's user's bookmark counts.
Likes: Dadparvar
  • Enforce php version check on install (must be php 5.4 or newer).
  • Fixup the remove bookmarks for deleted items task which is run on upgrade & form Rebuild Cache page.
    • Was broken, but only errored for php 5.4. This however isn't needed as much as the older versions due to an overhaul in how the add-on tracked deleted items.
  • Fix deleting XFRM categories
  • Allow Resources to be bookmarked rather than just updates
Likes: empire
  • Improve inserting a link to a bookmark.
    • Use bookmark note/label if a user has centered.
    • Otherwise escape the message with [plain] bbcode to prevent unclosed tags from corrupting the injected text.
  • Bugfix tag filtering.
  • On bookmarked content, change bookmark text link to 'bookmarked'
  • Fix searching bookmarks to insert into content with 'any' tags.
  • Resolve compatibility issue with User Essentials displaying public bookmarks on a user's profile
  • Resolve compatibility issue with User Essentials displaying public bookmarks on a user's profile
Please note;

Handler code is not complete as statistics and displaying bookmarks on a user profile have not been moved to the new code structure making extending this add-on to new content types difficult.

As such this is released as a beta, but has been in production on a few sites for a while now.

  • Significant rewrite of add-on design to allow pluggable extension of bookmarks
    • Should allow for new content types to be written in a way which is vastly easier.
    • Bulk operations should occur in deferred tasks instead of blocking.
    • Ensure alerts occur outside of transactions (less likely to cause deadlocks
  • Reduce performance impact of bulk thread operations & bookmarks
  • Use template modifications instead of template hooks
    • Bugfix "noperm" being returned for unviewable media
  • Use hinted code event listeners
  • Minify redistributed javascript
  • Rebuild installer to be more robust and consistent between upgrades/new installs
  • Rework quick bookmark feature, renamed to favorite bookmarks.
    • Enforce limit on how many favorite bookmarks are returned in the favorite menu
    • Only load favorite bookmarks on demand
  • Rework 'insert bookmark' feature
    • Stops breaking the multi-quote function
    • Improved UI when searching & selecting bookmarks to quote/link
    • Minor improvements to searching process