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User Activity by Xon 1.6.5

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  • Improve template modification's add-on compatibility
  • Fix broken template modification for Tickets 1.6.x support
  • Fix user activity state would not correctly deserialize with the Banned User avatar add-on support disabled.
  • Add responsive layout support for viewer count (ie remove on narrow screens)
  • Adjust thread title view count template modification to resolve potential compatibility issues.
  • Support displaying viewing user list on Forums
  • Support adding view counts next to content. (With style property).
    • Supports MySQL and Redis backends
    • Minimal overhead even with large number of viewers
    • To float the text to the far right use float:right; in the User Activity -> Viewer Count style property.
  • New Options:
Likes: dutchbb
  • Avoid superfluous ',' at the start of the users viewing list for guests
Likes: eva2000