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Accept cookies banner for EU users

Accept cookies banner for EU users 6.5

No permission to download
New version for XenForo 2 is here.

The banner shown above or below or floating.
Fully phrased, for language customizations.
CSS handy and customizable sice style properties.
Fully responsive.
You can set the cookie duration (days).
When you press the OKAY button, a cookie is set and the banner disappears
Autodismissible with manual or auto cookie setting
With transparency
All from style properties.
Likes: Robru
Auto-dismissible with cookie auto-settings
Auto-dismissible with manual cookie setting (click the oK button)
You can set the time duration of dismissing.

Now with transparency.
Now with floating bar with dismiss button.
All into style properties.

This update fix a bug for typo 'ayuda' link.