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How To ...

A series of tips and guides covering the basics

  1. Brogan
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  1. Styling By Editing Templates
  2. Styling
  3. Creating Templates

Recent Reviews

  1. Steel Hyaena
    Steel Hyaena
    This isn't really working for me. It feels almost like I came in halfway through the class. I don't know what it means by 'phrase'. All I want to do is change fonts and backgrounds and it doesn't give me a clear path to do that. I am a beginner to CSS and all other forms of coding. I am finding this more overwhelming than assistive.
  2. HannahKang

    This is hugely helpful for first timers that lack any coding or programing experiance and very easy to follow!
  3. Miau
    very helpful. everyone should read this before customize the forum. need more guide like this, if there's a full template syntax guide would be better.
    1. Brogan
      Author's Response
  4. ForestForTrees
    Very helpful. It's great to have these resources organized like this. These are very important skills that make it much easier to provide maximum value to members.
    1. Brogan
      Author's Response
      Thanks for taking the time to review and glad you find it useful.